• Domingo Helping Coach the Hit Factory
    • Strike Out MS - Raffle Winners
      Jayson Werth Autograph Bat - Kree Morales
      Jose Fernandez Autograph Ball - Kelly Fox
      Adam Conley Autograpgh Ball - Gary Stavrakes
      Aaron Sanchez Autograph Ball - Christian Millan
      Roberto Osuna Autograph Ball - Sherry Parker
      Fred McGriff Autograph Mini Helmet - Tim McKay
      Fred McGriff Autograph 8x10 - Gary Stavrakes
      Marlins Hat & Shirt - Jimmy Holt
      Blue Jays Hat & Shirt - Graham (NLB)
      Giancarlo Stanton Bobble Head - Justin Sainz
      All Items must be claimed by Wednesday May 25, 2016 or 
      we will redraw that item. Sorry No Exceptions
    • Please Help Andrew Saunders - Strike Out MS!!
      • Domingo Ayala Making First Trip To Florida

        Elite Sports Productions is proud to announce Domingo Ayala will make his first trip to Florida to attend both the Andrew Saunders Strike Out MS Tournaments in Clearwater and Leesburg, FL the weekend of May 15-16. More details coming soon. Who is Domingo Ayala - Domingo Ayala was born and raised in Puerto Plata, DR sometime between 1978 and 1988 (records have not been verified). At a young age, with the influence of his cousin and longtime baseball coach, Vladimir Ayala, Domingo began to excel at the game of baseball. In the Dominican Republic, Domingo has been a 7-time Infielder of the Year and 6-time Outfielder of the Year award winner (two years overlapping when he played both SS and LF in order to hit twice in the lineup). Click the video to the right on the home page to see Domingo in action.
    • Elite Sports Productions
      Welcome to Elite Sports Productions. Elite Sports Productions will host baseball events throughout Florida and the Southeast. We sanction all of our events with GSA. All teams must be a member of GSA to play in our events.
    • Watch Domingo in Action
    • Strike Out MS Raffle Items
      Here are some of the items that will be raffled at the Andrew Saunders - Strike Out MS Tournaments this weekend in Clearwater and Leesburg. 
      Jayson Werth Autographed Bat
      Marlins Starting Pitcher Jose Fernandez Autograph Baseball
      Marlins Starting Pitcher Adam Conley Autograph Baseball 
      Blue Jays Starting Pitcher Aaron Sanchez Autograph Baseball
      Blue Jays Closer Roberto Osuna Autograph Baseball
      Fred McGriff Autograph Mini Helmet
      Fred McGriff Autograpg 8x10
      Marlins Hat and shirt
      Blue Jays Hat and shirt.
      Giancarlo Stanton Bobble Head
      We are also waiting on items to come in from the Washington Nationals.
      Raffle Tickets will be $5 each or 3 for $10 and can only be purchased at the tournaments.