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    • Come Have FUN!
      Teams parade down Main Street at Pier Park in Mardi Gras fashion!
      Mizuno in the House!
      Pin Trading and Great Festivities in the Amphitheater at the start of the parade!
      20th Anniversary Event!
      Rock'it Lanes! Home of our Coaches Meeting and Coaches Apprection Night! "Rock'n at the Rock'it"
      Team Fun!
      The Original Playcation
    • World Series Qualifications
      World Series Qualifying Details:
      USFA World Series Qualification Standards are that a team must play in at least 2 USFA events throughout the 2018 season beginning August 1st, along with participating in the Summer State Tournament in the State that your sanction is tied to. Note-participating in your Fall State Tournament doesn’t automatically qualify you for World Series, as the rosters are not locked down in the Fall
      At-Large Berths are given out for teams that are 200+ miles from the location of their summer State Tournament. You can request an at large berth by emailing your State Director along with for approval
      At Large Berth requests that are within the 200 mileage perimeter are given on a case by case scenario, and usually have to be an extreme situation reviewed by Home Office. We require teams to play in their State Tournaments as this allows us to make sure that classifications are aligned with what Coaches have designated.
    • USFA Mobile App
      Download the USFA mobile app for schedules, scores, standings, brackets, directions and weather updates.
    • The College Showcase Age Divisions will be open qualification with open classification to all teams that wish to enter the event. There is no classification offering at 16/18u, but there are A/B/C levels at 14u, and any of those teams are eligible to play in the Showcase Division if they wish. Showcase Divisions will only be one bracket for 14u, 16u, & 18u Showcase Divisions. We do urge you to play in your State Tournament if it is offering your age division.
      14u C-Class Division will need to qualify under normal USFA Qualification Standards by playing in 2 or more USFA events throughout the season along with participating in the Summer State Tournament in the State that your sanction is tied to.
      If an age division in your State Tournament doesn’t make then an automatic berth will be given out