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"Summer Super Series"
 "For Cash" 8u,9u,10u,11u,12u,13u,14u,16u
Funded by Tourist Development, Hotels, Restaurants and Sponsors
Thank You For Playing In Our Events!!
To Qualify,
You must be register and play in a minimum of 8 
"Summer Super Series" events
You must be registered for at least 8 event points on/or before
May 10th 2015
Summer Wood Bat counts as two events, Greater Orlando World Series Counts as three events
(entry fees are not required until the week of the event)
$2500 to the team with most overall points total
$1500 to the team with 2nd most overall points
$1000 to each age group team with most points
Yes $3500 to overall point Champion
Pay outs July 26, 2015
(entry fees are not required until the week of each event)
Each event in "Summer Super Series" played is worth 50 points, "Summer Wood Bat League" is worth 100 points and counts as two events, Greater Orlando World Series is worth 150 points and counts as three events.
Top 8 finishes per age/division get additional points, 40 1st, 35 2nd, 30 3rd, 25 4th, 20 5th, 15 6th, 10 7th, 5 8th.  If less than eight teams the points are still the same for order of finish.

Proof of minimum 10 hotels nights per event at one of our host hotels featured on website is worth an additional 25 points per event when using hotels.
Point Standings Posted each week on website
"Summer Wood Bat League"
May 30th-Aug 1st
Double points (equals two events)
(league details below)
"Greater Orlando World Series" July 8th-12th
Triple Points (equals three events)


"Summer Super Series"

Weekend Events

"Sandcastle Smackdown" May 15th-16th South Daytona

"Born in The USA" May 15th-16th Central Florida

"Memorial Day Madness" May 23rd-24th Central Florida

"POBC Memorial Day at Beach" May 23rd-24th Port Orange

"Empire Strikes Out" May 30th-31st Central Florida

"Back to The Future" June 6th-7th Central Florida

"CFL Championships" June 13th-14th Central Florida

"CFL Championships" June 20th-21st Central Florida

"Glory Days" June 27th-28th Central Florida

"Greater Orlando World Series" July 8th-12th Central Florida

"Torneo De Estrellas" July 18th-19th Central Florida

"Summer Slugfest" July 25th-26th Central Florida 


4 game guarantee!!

"Consolation" and "Under Dog Brawl" Brackets  Register online

or Call Today & Sign Up!

"Super 9 Series"
Fall 2015
Top 5 Events Qualify- Must play in at least 5 Events to Qualify
Play in 5 events - those event points count
Play in 6-9 events and keep your best 5 finishes for points
(10 Bonus Points for participation in extra events 6-9)
Awards are available for each age group
Gold and Silver Divisions
(Gold Division 50% plus winning percentage,Silver less than 50% winning percentage)
Champions Awards
(see point scale at bottom of page)
Win Points -- Choose your Top Five Finishes 
Most Points Win:
Championship Rings
Free Entry Fee "Greater Orlando World Series" July 8th-12th
Customized Team Banner
Champions Shirts
Sleeves, Necklaces
Coaches Packet (Balls, bucket, line-up cards etc..)

Qualifying Events or Dates (for multiple locations)
"Cupid's Invitational" Feb 14-15th Seminole County Soldiers and Chase Park
"King of Diamonds" Feb 21-22nd Northwest Complex and Seminole County
"Spring Training Classic" March 7-8th Northwest Complex and Seminole Cty 
"Find The Gold" March 21-22nd Seminole County Soldiers and Chase Park
"Spring Break Smash" March 28-29th Northwest Complex and Seminole  Cty 
or "Spring Break'in at The Beach" March 28-29th James Park S Daytona 
"Praise The King" April 11-12th Northwest Complex and Seminole County
"Jefferson Jubilee" April 18-19th Northwest Complex and Seminole County
or "Fun In The Sun" April 18-19th James Park S Daytona and Daytona Parks
"Born In The USA" May 16-17th Northwest Complex and Seminole County
or "Sandcastle Smack Down" James Park S Daytona and Daytona Parks
"Empire Strikes Out" May 30-31st Northwest Complex and Seminole County
Soldiers Creek Park
2400 Hwy 419
Longwood, Fl 32750 
Northwest Recreation Complex  
3710 Jason Dwelley Parkway
Apopka, FL 32712

James Park (and Surrounding Venues)
1700 James Street
South Daytona, Fl 32119


Lyman HS
865 Ronald Reagan Blvd
Longwood, Fl 32750
We are independent and accept all insurance AAU, USSSA, LL, Babe Ruth, Nations
 Ages 7u,8u,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,16U
 Point Scale
Posted and updated after each event 


Enter Event 10 Points Each (all events count)


Top 5 Event Finishes Count
Points based on # of teams in event
Example 1: 5 team event Winner get 50 points, 2nd gets 40 points..... 5th gets 10 points  
Example 2: 16 team event Winner gets 160 points, 2nd gets 150 points, 3rd gets 140 on.....15th gets 20 points, 16th gets 10 points.




  • Nations of Greater Orlando is proud to announce select events in Daytona for the New Year!
  • Come play with us at the BEACH
  • Nations of Greater Orlando is proud to announce select events in Daytona for the New Year!
  • Come play with us at the BEACH
  • Nations of Greater Orlando is proud to announce select events in Daytona for the New Year!
  • Come play with us at the BEACH
  • Nations of Greater Orlando is proud to announce select events in Daytona for the New Year!
  • Come play with us at the BEACH
  • Nations of Greater Orlando is proud to announce select events in Daytona for the New Year!
  • Come play with us at the BEACH

Welcome to the Nations of Greater Orlando Website. While Nations of Greater Orlando has strived to provide the best value for your dollar in these economic times by providing competitive tournament baseball, we felt like we could do more. This website will allow players and coaches the ability to keep track of their teams progress with stats and standings throughout the entire Nations season simply by registering on our site. Once you register, you will be able to enter your teams roster. This roster will be saved on our website and every time you want to enter an event all you will have to do is log in and sign up. It's that simple! This is only one of the things Nations Orlando is working on to make your tournament experience exceptional.

   Each tournament has its own dedicated website with team information and results for each tournament. Coaches will also have the ability to receive e-mail updates with scores and standings as well as being able to visit our instantly updated website to see how they rank. Inside your team profile, you will be able to add a team photo as well as view all your player stats. To get back to the Nations home page you can either click on the banner or the home button. If you are interested in playing in a tournament and don't have a team to play with just click on the play more program link and sign up. You can also see who is playing in what tournament in the who's playing tab.

If you want to see the results of a tournament click on the right on "more upcoming events" and at the bottom it will show our past tournament information and results.

   Trophy's!!! Nations Orlando offers "Consolation" and "Under Dawg Brawl" Brackets for those teams that missed out on the "Big Game!" Nations knows that all of our tournament teams are winners, and we want to give you a chance to prove it! Play hard and never give up!

   We have also partnered with Baseball In College, a national recruiting website information source, making our events available to thousands of college recruiters across the nation.  Nations is dedicated to your athletes and their success in their club and college baseball career.  Working with this recruiting service is just one way we are making their dreams a reality.

  This website has a ton of information aimed at enhancing your travel baseball experience with Nations Baseball of Orlando.

  Nations of Greater Orlando tournaments and events is independent. We accept all insurance: Nations, AAU. USSSA, Little League, Babe Ruth, etc...

Northwest Apopka and Soldiers Creek, Cocoa
08U - 18U, Adult
Soliders Creek and surrounding venues
08U - 18U, Adult
Soldiers Creek and surrounding venues
08U - 18U, Adult
James Park and surrounding venues Daytona
08U - 14U
Northwest and Soldiers Creek
08U - 18U, Adult
Soldiers Creek and surrounding venues
08U - 18U, Adult

More Upcoming Events

Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee. You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

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  • 14u Gold

    OBA 540 (6)

    Wolverines Escobar 480 (3)

    Longwood Longhorns 430 (4)

    Wolverines Osuna 340 (3)

    Brevard Plasma 240 (3)

    O'Town Select 200 (3)


    14u Silver

    Eastmonte Boys 340 (5)

    O'City Orioles 250 (3)

    Red Raiders Silver 230 (3)

    Iceberg 220 (3)

    Elite Athlete Academy 200 (3)

    Team Bushnell Bandits 110 (3)





  • 13u Gold

    Ocala Venom 190 (4)


    13 Silver

    CF Baseball 150 (3)







  • 12u Gold

    RBI Cudas 420 (5)

    Red Raiders 410 (6)

    CFL Pride Red 380 (4)

    Evolution Elite 350 (3)


    12u Silver

    Lk Cty Rave 280 (5)

    Eustis Thunder 210 (3)

    Red Scorpions 200 (4)

    St Cloud Cobras 190 (3)


    12u Bronze

    Ocoee Cardinals 210 (5)

    Belleview Ath Bullsharks 160 (3)

    POBC Panthers 80 (3)












  • 11u Gold

    Team Chand Blk 340 (3)

    Clermont Coyotes 290 (3)

    Lk Cty Rave 200 (3)

    Flagler Bandits 180 (3)


    11u Silver

    O'City Orioles 280 (4)

    CFL Warriors 240 (4)

    Ov Swamp Dawgs 190 (4)

    Ocala Surge 130 (3)

    11u Bronze

    Ocoee Cardinals 200 (4)

    Tm Bushnell Bandits 190 (4)

    CFL Prospects 120 (3)

    CFL Bandits 70 (3)













  • 10 Gold

    First Strike 320 (4)

    Inbound Knights 310 (5)

    Team Chandler Black 300 (3)

    Red Raiders 140 (4)

    10 Silver

    CFL Warriors 180 (4)

    Stampede Baseball 170 (3)














  • 9u Gold

    Team Bucked Up 260 (4)

    Team Krush 240 (4)

    Ocala Surge 230 (4)

    CFL Bandits Gold 220 (3)

    9u Silver

    Infamous Baseball 230 (5)

    SEV Cudas 140 (3)

    Oviedo Force 110 (3)


    9u Bronze

    Team Ambush 110 (3)













  • 8u Gold

    Rawlings Renegades 360 (4)

    CFL Bandits Silver 180 (3)


    8u Silver

    Red Raiders 190 (6)

    Lk Cty Rave 160 (3)

    8u Bronze

    PBA 130 (3) Trip Crown Spts Acad 80 (3)















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