Fee and Refund Policy
  • All teams will pay a $200 Non-Refundable Application Fee and Deposit for all Legacy Event Management showcases and tournaments.  This deposit is non-refundable regardless of withdrawal from or cancellation of events and is not eligible to be refunded.
  • Refunds shall be issued as followed:
    • A 100% refund of the showcase fee (minus the $200 deposit) will be issued if a team withdraws due to unforeseen circumstances (team injuries, roster defections, player availability, etc) prior to 30 days to the start of the event.  If a team withdraws within the 30 day window, they will forfeit 100% of the showcase fee.
  • Terms of Play:  By accepting a bid into a Legacy Event, you are agreeing that your team and accepted teams from your organization will participate only in that event from its start to finish over the specified dates. Should your team or organization choose to participate in other related showcases or tournaments during this time, you will forfeit all remaining games as well as the full showcase fee.  Your team and organization will be banned from participation in future Showcases and/or Tournaments hosted by Legacy Event Management and partner organizations.
Please Note:  The success of Legacy events for its participants requires months of administrative planning, securing fields and staffing, renting and purchasing supplies along with other associated costs in preparation.  These expenses are incurred regardless of extenuating circumstances. 
Therefore, it is necessary to have these refund policies in place.


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