When do the games for the Showcase begin and end?  
All games start Friday, November 12 at 8:00 a.m. and end by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 14
When will the schedule be posted?  
The schedule will be finalized and posted Friday, November 1, 2021 if not sooner.
When should I plan on arriving and departing?  
If you are traveling from outside the meto Atlanta area, you should plan on arriving no later than Thursday, November 11.  We encourage all teams to assume they will have an 8:00 a.m. game on Friday, November 12.
What should I bring for registration?  
We require every participating team to provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability insurance at check-in.  
Can I book my own hotel rooms?  
All hotel reservations must go through Traveling Teams.  You may not book hotels until your team has received its official letter of acceptance and the showcase fee has been paid in full. Select the hotel portal to link to their website.
When do I need to enter my teams roster?  
We recommend entering your teams roster as soon as possible. 
How do I enter my teams roster?  
Login to your account registration.  Go to your team's name under the "Teams" tab.  Click on your team's name.  A new window will open with several icons.  Click on the Task icon and you will be prompted to add your teams roster.
I tried to enter my teams roster but am unable to access the icon?  
Only those individuals you have designated as staff under your registration may enter your team page.  You will need to change your status to "staff" under your teams information for eligible access.
How many College Coaches are registered to attend the Showcase?  
You may click on the College Coaches tab on our website to see who has registered to attend.  We recommend you email any College Coaches directly to alert them your team is playing in our showcase.  
What complexes are each age group playing?
How do I get up to date information on the Veterans Tribute Showcase?  
We utilize many different technologies to provide information to our teams, parents, players and coaches. We will email and text the coaches and managers who have registered for your team of any event details. We also recommend you like us on Facebook @veteranstributeshowcase and follow us on Twitter @tributeshowcase.  Our IT Director will be using social media throughout the event to provide up to date information.  This will be especially helpful in the event of inclement weather as we post minute-by-minute updates on delays and cancellations.
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