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      UPDATE 6/14 Return to Play Guidelines  Please Read

      WAIVER LINK FOR ALL PLAYERS,  Click the Link Below and click the MINOR button to complete the waiver.  Thank you. 


      Greater Orlando Baseball Covid 19 Return to Play Guidelines:
      All teams must have Waivers on file, Team Managers will be responsible for sending the
      electronic waiver to the team.
      Fans will be expected to spread out and follow social distancing guidelines.
      Plate meetings will be limited to one coach per team and the umpire, no players should be at
      the plate meeting.
      No parents will be allowed in the dugout, coaches only please.
      Teams will be responsible for cleaning up the dugout after a game, please remove all trash,
      bottles, etc.
      Parents/Teams are encouraged to provide antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer to use during
      the games and to wipe down surfaces in the dugout before and after games and for the players
      to clean their hands and shared equipment.
      Players should have their OWN water jugs, no shared team coolers.
      No Sunflower seeds.
      No tagging of hands after games, a tip of the cap or a wave of sportsmanship will be fine.
      No award ceremonies. Coaches will pick up awards after the game and distribute to the team.
      If anyone is feeling sick or has a fever... Stay home.
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