• Future Stars of Sports Baseball
    • The Most Important People
    • National Office & Classifications
      National Adminstrative Assistant:     Holly Sutton holly@futurestarsofsports.com 
                                                          NATIONAL UIC
      Mike Moritz          michaelmoritz@comcast.net    
      Rip Collins            UKFBNO1@YAHOO.COM
      Terri Wilburn         twilburn58@yahoo.com   
      METRO  ( LEAGUE TEAMS )   
      ELITE     ( B –  CLASS TEAMS )
      PREMIER  ( A – CLASS TEAMS )     
    • What We Stand For

      Our Mission

      To provide an association that is forthcoming, honest, and follows a code of ethics we are proud of. 

      Giving our families afriendly environment that thinks of our teams, umpires and facilities first. 

       An attitude that recognizes that team, family, umpire and coach satisfaction is first and foremost.

      We continue to be family friendly at a reasonable cost.

      We care about our teams and deliver what we promise.

      We acknowledge that our Directors and Umpires are a valuable resource.

      We are committed to fostering an environment where recognition, innovation and communication are encouraged and rewarded.

    • National Office
                                             Fast Pitch National Committee  
        Founder:                   Ron Ray              ron@futurestarsofsports.com         502-541-0103
        National Director:     Shirley Minnick   shirley@futurestarsofsports.com    260-350-9407
         Executive Board:        Conley Fletcher    conleybug1@embarqmail.com
         Executive Board:        Bernie Bowles      bernard.bowles12@gmail.com
         Executive Board:        Don Harvey          futurestarsdon211@yahoo.com
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