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    • GFT Upcoming Tournaments and Events
      2018 GFT September Slugfest.  Randy Larson/Plant City Stadium.  Sept. 29-30
      2018 GFT Sandlot Showdown.  Walker Road Complex.  Oct. 13-14
      2018 GFT "Home For The Holidays".  Randy Larson/Plant City Stadium. Dec. 1-2
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    • Softball Fun Facts
      Softball was originally an indoor sport. It was invented in 1887 by George Hancock, a journalist for the Chicago Board of Trade, as a form of indoor baseball to be played during the winter. The next year the game moved outside, and rules and a league were established by the Boat Club in 1889.
    • Fun Fact #2
      When it was reinvented as an outdoor game softball was called the “kitten ball” after the fireman Lewis Rober’s softball team “The Kittens”.
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