• 2019 Showcase Rules
      Atlanta Legacy Showcase Rules – Wednesday, July 10 through Friday, July 12 only
      1. The team listed at the top of the bracket will occupy the 1st base dugout.
      2. The Home Team will be determined by coin toss at home plate prior to the game.
      3. 2 balls will be furnished by tournament staff for each game. One new ball and one used ball. Each team should be prepared to throw in additional balls. The first game of each day will utilize two new balls.
      4. Pitching distance will be 43 feet.
      5. Steel Cleats will be allowed only on natural surfaces.
      6. No Protest allowed. The tournament provides a UIC at each park.
      7. 80 minute games times, finish the batter.
        ***note***  Every at bat counts so showcase games cannot be used for ranking purposes. ***note***
      8. In the event of inclement weather, automatic 20 minute rain delay rule in effect. If play cannot resume after 20 minutes, that round of games may be CANCELLED by the tournament director. There will be no make-up games.
      9. Any unaddressed items are governed by ASA rules.
      10. Team Rosters will allow for as many players to bat as desired.
      11. Free defensive substitutions.
      12. Courtesy runners must be last BATTED out unless the batter was a pitcher or a catcher.
      13. RUN RULES DO NOT APPLY! Regardless of the final score we will only post a victory margin of 7 runs or less.
    • 2019 Championship Bracket Rules
      Atlanta Legacy Showcase Bracket Rules – Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14 (14U, 16U and 18U)
      1. ASA RULES GOVERN BRACKET PLAY. Decisions on the field are FINAL.
      2. NO PROTEST ALLOWED. The Atlanta Legacy provides for a UIC at each park. Game and Umpire disputes will be handled by the UIC.
      3. TIME LIMIT: No new inning will begin after one hour, 50 minutes from completion of the pre-game conference at home plate. Game time will be kept by the umpires on the field. A new inning starts with the THIRD out of the previous inning.
      4. HOME TEAM: Coin flip by umpires during pregame conference determine home team. Team listed on top of elimination bracket will occupy third base dugout, except when playing back-to-back.
      5. RUN RULE: 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.
      6. SEEDING: Was done by the selection committee utilizing a Blind Draw.
      7. GAME BALLS: 2 balls will be furnished by The Legacy for each game. One new ball and one used ball. Each team needs to be prepared to throw in additional balls. The first game of each day will utilize two NEW balls.
      8. IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, ASA rules apply. The UIC/Tournament director will determine when the games will re-start and reserve the right to change future game times to accommodate championship play.
      9. A GAME is defined by the ASA Code.
      10. FORFEIT TIME: Game time is forfeit time, unless a team is held up by a late-running game. In order to stay on schedule, teams should be prepared to begin play as early as 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
      11. INTERNATIONAL TIE BREAKER: ASA rules govern play.
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