• What’s Trendsetters Sports all about?
      Trendsetter sports is going to change the game. Our goals are simple. We want to give the best tournament experience in the business.  We understand what’s important to some will not be important to others but our goal will stay focused on making youth players better prepared to play at the next level. If the goal of your team is to fill your trophy case, Trendsetters Sports is not the tournament circuit for you. We provide team trophies only and for ages 7u - 10u only.  If 10 teams play in our tournament, only two teams will make it to a championship game and earn trophies.  Rather than focusing on eye catching awards, we focus on making a championship experience for every game for every team. 
        What is considered unsportsmanlike conduct you ask?
      •  do you stand at the backstop and yell instructions to your child? 
      •  do you bring a folding chair to the field and set it up in front of the bleachers  obstructing the other parents path and view of the game? 
      •  do you hold one-way conversations with others sitting in the stands? 
      •  have you ever used the phrase “that’s terrible”," swing the bat", "throw a strike"," come on Blue","that’s poor coaching" etc.........?
      • Do you bring the radio to the game and face it towards the field blast it so loud you’ve busted the speaker?
      I can go on and on listing examples of unsportsmanlike behavior but I believe we all know when things are getting out of hand. The bottom line is do not treat the Umpires,coaching staff or anyone is if they were less than a human. Any fan or coach guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct will be removed from the park immediately.
    • What We Do
      Trendsetter Sports is changing the game! Trendsetter Sports Will host tournaments unlike any other tournaments in the industry. Our goal is to play amateurs sport tournaments/games the way they are played professionally. Our tournaments will have the best officials You’ve seen in local tournaments. Our tournaments are held in the most professional and organized manner, preventing delays, cancellations and many of the avoidable circumstances in your local tournaments. 
      The biggest difference between us and any other tournaments is our ability to implement instant reply. Our tournaments have instant replay allowing coaches to challenge questionable calls or questionable plays. The frustration of losing a tournament due to questionable calls from the officials is no longer an issue when you play with trendsetter sports. Because of our replay systems use in the training of our officials you can only imagine the Intense focus of our officials. 
      During the fall of 2018 we will use one replay system during the month of September. In the month of October we will add a second replay system which will allow us to replay on a second field.  What this means is, only one age group will be able to utilize the replay system on one field. We will then use the second system for a second age group allowing more teams to experience the instant replay.  As we grow more systems will be added until every field has instant replay for every game. 
      Although officiating is not the only deciding factor when choosing a tournament circuit, it is definitely among the top five complaints of travel teams and we have addressed all of them. Come along with us as we set the pace and watch the others try to follow!
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    • Messaging
      Trendsetter Sports is providing coaches, friends, and family with an opportunity to get stats sent to their phone via text message as they are added during the event. Sign up to get game scores and pitching statistics sent right to your phone by clicking here.
    • We've enhanced our tournament services to help make your participation in our event more interactive and enjoyable. 

      You can sign up for messaging to keep up with pitching records and scores of games you can't attend.  Your family and friends at home can also keep up with your results.

      Of course, we'll be posting the scores online ASAP and will show the standings and tie-breakers as the tournament progresses.

      Keep your eye on this column for the latest updates.

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