"Super 8 Series"
      FALL 2019 Tournament League
      DS Sports Ventures proudly presents the FALL Super 8 Series
      Greater Orlando Baseball and Prospect Wire Next Generation 
      All events will be 4 game guarantee. 
      Our goal is to give you the best choice of Baseball Events for diversity and locations in Florida and eventually USA.
      "GOB" events are for all team levels and offer a format that is second to none for equality of play. 
      "PW Next Gen" events are a breath of fresh air for teams that want to try the next level of events.  These events will offer 100% stats.  Score keepers will be onsite for all games. We will be tracking Player Batting Averages, Home Runs, Doubles, Triples, RBI's, Pitcher Stats, Defensive Stand Outs, etc.. Each event will show and rank top players per age group.  The main PW site will show all teams and player rankings for the season and Year.  PW Next Gen events will qualify teams for National events geared for the Elite teams through out the USA.
      Who is Prospect Wire?  Started in 2004, Prospect Wire has become one of the fastest growing organizers of elite level high school baseball events across the country. As a result, Prospect Wire's player database has grown to over 25,000 current prospects, making it one of the largest scouting services for high school baseball in America. www.prospectwire.com
      If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff and we will assist you with questions. 
      Aug 1 - Dec 15
      42 Qualifying Events to Choose From
      (see below and online)
      Please see our Spring 2019 Coaches appreciation and incentives for early registration
      Registration is open for all events
      "Early Registration Incentives"
      (no payment required until week of events)
      Option 1: Register for any 8 events online "Before Aug 1, 2019" for dates "Aug 1st-Dec 15" and get your 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th events for free entry fees (no payments required until week of events).  You will Qualify for "Super 8 Series".  You will get a Coaches gift packet at your first event as a Thank you.  
      Option 2: Register for any 8 events online "Before August 25, 2019" for dates "Aug 15-Dec 16, 2019" and get your 6th, 7th and 8th events for free entry fee (no payment due until week of events).  You will Qualify for "Super 8 Series"
      Option 3: Register for any 8 events online "Before September 15, 2019" for Dates "Sept 15-Dec 16, 2019" and get your 7th and 8th  events for free entry fee (no payment due until week of events).  You will Qualify for "Super 8 Series"
      Top 8 Events Qualify
      You Must register for at least 8 events (By Sept 15- see Options 1,2,3 for early incentives) to Qualify for League.  You Must play in at least 6 Events to Qualify
      Play in 8 events - those event points count
      Play in more than 8 events and keep your best 8 finishes for points.  Plus you get 10 extra points for each additional event
      There Must be at least 4 Qualifying Teams per age and division
      Awards are available for each age group 8u-14u 
      Gold AAA/Major, Over 50% Winning Percentage
      Silver AA, 30-50% Winning Percentage
      Bronze A Divisions, Under 30% Winning Percentage
      Division breakdowns will be finalized mid Sept
      Champions Awards (All Ages and Divisions)
      (see point scale at bottom of page)
      Most Points Win:
      Gold Championship Rings
      Team Champions Belt
      Champions Banner
      Champions Shirts
      Free set of jerseys from 3n2
      (other goodies to be announced)
      Runner-Ups (All ages and Divisions)
      Silver Championship Rings
       Team Banner
      Champions Shirts
      50% off Team Jerseys from 3N2
      (other goodies to be announced)
      42 Qualifying Events and Dates
      Event #1 AUG 3-4/AUGUST BLAST OFF  Apopka  Double Points
      Event #2 AUG 10-11 BACK TO SCHOOL BASH  Leesburg, Boombah, Chase
      Event #3 AUG 17-18 NAZCAR EVENT Leesburg, Apopka 
      Event #4 AUG 24-25 SANFORD SHOOTOUT Boombah Sanford
      Event #5 AUG 24-25 Beach Kick Off New Smyrna Beach
      Event #6 Aug31-Sept1 LABOR DAY LOVE OF THE GAME New Smyrna Beach Double Points
      Event #7 Sept 7-8 Winter Haven Kickoff Diamondplex 
      Event  #8 SEPT 7-8 Patriot’s Challenge New Smyrna Beach, Apopka
      Event #9 /SEPT 7-8 Sleepy Hollow Showdown Leesburg
      Event #10 SEPT 14-15 FALL CLASSIC New Smyrna Beach 9/11/13, Apopka 8/HS, Leesburg 10/12/14 Chase
      Event #11 SEPT 14-15  Prospect Wire Next Gen Ocala Fall Kick Off  RINGS EVENT Double Super 8 Points
      Event #12 SEPT 21-22 Winter Haven Shootout  Diamondplex 
      Event #13 /SEPT 21-22 Remember the Titans New Smyrna Beach 10/12/14, Apopka 8/HS, Leesburg 9/11/13 
      Event #14 SEPT 21-22 Wood Bat CLASSIC Eastmonte 
      Event #15 SEPT 28-29 PW Next Gen Super NIT Sanford
      Event #16 SEPT 28-29 GLADIATOR GAMES New Smyrna 9/11/13, Leesburg 10/HS , Apopka 8/12/14 
      Event #17 OCT 5-6 Ride the WAVES New Smyrna Beach
      Event #18 OCT 5-6 Fall Invitational Apopka & Leesburg 
      Event #19 OCT 12-13 Sandcastle Smackdown 
      Event #20 OCT 12-13  Polk County Punch Out  Diamondplex 
      Event #21 OCT 12-13 Next Gen Florida Georgia Invitational Lake City Rings Event super 8 triple points 
      Event #22 OCT12-13 Columbus Day Adventure Apopka/Leesburg
      Event #23 OCT 19-20  PW Next Gen SUPER NIT Rings Event Boombah Sanford
      Event #24 OCT 19-20 Wood Bat Beach Bash New Smyrna Beach
      Event #25 OCT 19-20 MR OCTOBER Leesburg 11/12, Apopka 13/14/hs, Eastmonte 9/10
      Event #26 OCT 26-27 Halloween invitational Leesburg/Apopka 
      Event #27 OCT 26-27  PW Next Gen Super NIT Lake City Rings Event triple super 8 points 
      Event #28 OCT 26-27 Fall Beach Survivor Classic New Smyrna Beach 
      Event #29 NOV 2-3 FALL STATE Championship Leesburg/Apopka/Sperling 
      Event #30 NOV 9-10 Salute to Veterans (Ring Event) Triple Points – Lake City
      Event #31 Pride and Glory Leesburg/Apopka 
      Event #32 NOV 16-17 Everest Expedition New Smyrna Beach 11/13 Leesburg 8/9/10/12/14
      Event #33 Top Gun Turkey Shootout New Smyrna Beach 
      Event #34 NOV 23-24 Winter Haven Turkey Dual 
      Event #35 NOV 23-24 Prospect Wire Next Gen Fall State Championships Apopka,Eastmonte Rings Event
      Event #36 DEC 7-8 Winter Haven Homeruns for the Holidays Diamondplex 
      Event #37 DEC 7-8  Prospect Wire Next Gen Fall Finale Triple Super 8 Points Rings Event  Lake City 
      Event #38 DEC 7-8 Winter Bat Freeze Leesburg/ Apopka 
      Event #39 DEC 7-8  Winter Wood Bat Classic New Smyrna Beach
      Event #40 DEC 14-15 Feed the Beast New Smyrna Beach
      Event #41 DEC 14-15 Gold Glove Invitational Leesburg/APOPKA
      Event #42 DEC 21 Santa Turbo Apopka
       Point Scale
      Posted and updated after each event 
      Enter Event 10 Points Each (all events count)
      Top 8 Finishes Count
      Points based on # of teams in event
      Example 1: 5 team event Winner get 50 points, 2nd gets 40 points..... 5th gets 10 points  
      Example 2: 16 team event Winner gets 160 points, 2nd gets 150 points, 3rd gets 140 points.........so on.....15th gets 20 points, 16th gets 10 points.
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