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      Welcome to the Event Page for The FLY BALL PINK OUT
      We accept all Insurance
      OCTOBER 17-18 , 2020

       VERO BEACH, FL.

      Ages 7u, 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U

      7u-8u MP Free Entry Fee, plus umpire

      8uKP Free Entry Fee, plus umpire

      9U-10U $60 Entry plus umpire(s)

      11U-12U $120 Entry  plus umpire(s)

      13U-14U $150 Entry plus umpire(s)

      JV & VARSITY $195 Entry plus umpire(s)

      14u and under - 1 umpire Saturday($30) and 2 Sunday($50)

      ( 16u-18u - 2 umpires both days $50)

      EZ- Gates $28 per player -- See Tab on top menu bar

      4 Game Guarantee!!

      "Consolation" and "Under Dog Brawl" Brackets



      Call or Text: DEREK: 772-501-9401

      Or Rick 321-228-5537

      Email DEREK: irccalripken@gmail.com

      or rick.usatb@yahoo.com

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