Early Bird Special for All Events


      "Early Bird Special"

      Register for this Event by Jan 1st for Special

      $35 Registration Fee, $125 Team Gate Fee Option

      "River City Super Turbo"
      February 10th (One Day Event), Off Sunday


      8U-13U  $95 Entry $25 at Plate Umpire
      EZ- Gates Family One Day Pass (or $150 Flat Team Fee) -- See Tab on top menu bar
      Turbo Guidelines
      "Turbo Baseball Tournaments" are designed to create an accelerated event that will include all the competition and excitement of a normal weekend tournament, but to fullfill all these needs at a pace that will be accomplished in one day.
      How does it work?
      It is a minimum 3 and maximum 10 team event
      All Coaches will arrive at designated times to do a blind draw for tournament brackets
      All games have a 5 inning or 55 minute time limit.
      No Drop dead- no new inning after 55 minutes.
      Four Run Rule Per Inning for All Ages,  No mercy rule on game, Play til time.
      Pitchers are allowed 18 outs for the day.
      You can not check the other teams pitching once your game starts. 
      Umpire Cards will be available at control site
      No Forfeits,  Pitcher will be removed from mound if any infraction.
      Tournament format will be a double elimination format
      No "if necessary game" Championship Games is Championship
      One free defensive time out (visit to mound) per game - no offensive time outs
      No team meetings on the fields after the Games, Please clear Dugouts ASAP
      No Tie games, must have a winner.  Tie breaker rules in effect after regulation
      3 Game guarantee ( first teams eliminated will play a consolation game or bracket for medals)
      3 Game Guarantee!!

      "Consolation" and "Under Dog Brawl" Brackets


      Call or Text: Rick 321-228-5537

      Email:  rick.usatb@yahoo.com

    • Article Title

      USA AA World Championships

      Ages 7U-14U

      June 20th-23rd 2024

      June 20th

      Opening Day

      Pool Play Begins

      Skills Contest

      June 21st

      Pool Play Continues

      June 22nd

      Pool Play Continues

      Double Elimination Begins

      June 23rd

      Champions Crowned

      Gold and Silver

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