• Why Play USSSA?

      Why Play USSSA?

      USSSA is the world's largest multi-sport sanctioning organization with over 3.2 million total members. Fastpitch alone has more than 255,000 players across 17,000 teams registered nationwide from California to New York and all points in between. Of all the sports that USSSA sanctions, Fastpitch ranks 3rd behind only Baseball and Slow Pitch Softball for the most teams. But Fastpitch is the fastest growing sport in USSSA. Moreover, USSSA has demonstrated its commitment to Fastpitch last season when it purchased the Washington Glory of the National Pro Fastpitch League and renamed them the USSSA Pride, now featuring players such as Jessica Mendoza, Natasha Watley and Cat Osterman. But USSSA offers team so much more!

      USSSA and NC USSSA Fastpitch Websites with Comprehensive Management Tools 

      • The USSSA.com national website and the ISTS system used by teams managers and tournament hosts ties all teams together nationally. 
      • USSSA.com is a comprehensive team and event management website dedicated to all things USSSA. This website can be used to help manage your team’s information including official roster, scores and events, team photo, team message board, and statistics entered into a national database and compared against events from across the nation. 
      • The USSSA.com website is also a great aid to tournament hosts and team and league managers. This website can be used to track and receive entries and payments, schedule your events, and post results and standings. Coaches can research other teams they play and see the results of every game played within every tournament or league. These results and standings are automatically entered into the national database for State and National rankings.
      • Marketing tools are included in the USSSA.com website for sending bulk emails to all sanctioned teams. Please contact your State Director to determine availability of this for your events.
      • Western NC has this website (ncusssafastpitch.org) dedicated to USSSA Fastpitch information in areas Greensboro & Charlotte, NC and to the west.
      • This website (ncusssafastpitch.org) will be used to find out more information and details for each and every individual tournament.  You will also find tournament schedules, standings, brackets and venue addresses through this website.

       USSSA has Multiple Levels of Competition

      Teams of all abilities are not lumped into a single category simply because they are "Travel Teams". Teams can designate themselves among several categories. By doing so they can play in tournaments with competition similar to themselves. This is particularly true for Regional and National tournaments. These are the team designations.

      • “A” is the designation of the most competitive travel teams. These are teams that compete regularly and often in contention to win any tournament they enter. 
      • “B” is the designation of the average travel teams. These are teams that compete regularly and often but are not often in contention to win most of the tournaments they enter. 

      USSSA Fees

      • Cost to register your team online is only $50 per year. The USSSA year starts 8/1 and goes to 7/31.

      USSSA has many Post-Season Opportunities.

      • All tournaments including Fall tournaments tournaments can be World Series qualifiers.
      • “A”/“B”/”C” Regional and National Championship Events: USSSA offers national and regional post-season opportunities with a variety of World Series events. In the “A”/“B”/”C” program, there are a World Series events (at each age group) in each region (East/Central/West). This provides every team the opportunity to participate in a USSSA World Series with-in driving distance. In many regional events there are "in-between" year events for teams that are 11U, 13U, and 15U. 
      • The USSSA National event, “The Road Orlando” is USSSA’s National World Series Tournament where teams from around the USA come to ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World to play in the week-long event. The is the premier USSSA event. 
      • With local state, regional and national events for “A”, “B”, and “C” level teams, there is a place for every team to play USSSA.

      Team Insurance

      • Lawsuits against players, coaches, sponsors, volunteers, and league officials are increasing at an alarming rate. Play with peace of mind knowing you will be covered by one of the best sports liability programs available.
      • The USSSA Insurance program provides general liability policies for teams provide $2,000,000 per occurrence of valuable general liability protection, with no aggregate limit. Coverage is provided for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims for which you are legally obligated. If an Additionally Named Insured is required for a practice facility, this can be added by USSSA at no additional cost. Coverage is available for games, practices, team meetings, award banquets, and fundraisers.
      • Insurance can be purchased with a variety of deductibles and for either a full year or a half year, providing a plan for any budget.
      • For more in-depth information on insurance coverage, Click Here.

      League and Facility Insurance

      • Each tournament that is sanctioned with USSSA (with all teams and officials sanctioned) includes, for the host, at no cost, a liability policy in the value of $2,000,000. Further insurance, including medical insurance for each team is also available. For more in-depth information on insurance coverage available to you as a tournament host, Click Here.

      Umpire Sanctioning and Training

      • Through the USSSA umpire program, all umpires have access to association insurance coverage (required, and for USSSA events only) or all-association coverage (applicable for all umpiring, regardless of sanctioning body- ASA, PONY, etc.). 
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