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        SUPER 8 SERIES FALL 2020



        Thank you for your interest in Fast Pitch Orlando (FPO).  We very much appreciate your playing in our Tournaments.  We are different in many ways from other Softball Tournament Companies.  Come play in our Tournaments and "Experience The Difference" and, you too, will see why we are THE FASTEST growing Softball Tournament Company in Florida!!

      • "Fast Pitch Orlando Tournaments and Events"  Are Independent   We accept all Insurance: Nations, AAU, USSSA, Little league, Babe Ruth, etc....

        Welcome to the

        "SUPER 8 SERIES FALL 2020"

        Event and Team Page

        "Super 8 Series"

        FALL 2020 League
        Presented by Fast Pitch Orlando
        www.FastPitchOrlando.com                                 July 18 - December 6, 2020
        25 Qualifying Events to Choose From (see below and online)
        Please see our Fall 2020 Coaches appreciation and incentives for early registration
        Registration is open for all events                                             "Early Registration Incentives"
        League Entry is "Free"               (no payment required until week of events)
        Option 1: Register for any 8 events online "BEFORE August 14, 2020" for dates "July 18 - December 6, 2020" and get your 6th, 7th and 8th events for free entry fees (no payments required until week of events).  You will Qualify for "Super 8 Series".  You will get a Coaches packet at your first event: Bucket, Balls, Score Books, Line Up cards, more goodies, etc...
        Top 8 Events Qualify
        You Must register for the SUPER 8 SERIES FALL 2020 and at least 8 events
        (See Options 1,2,3) to Qualify for League
        You Must play in at least 8 Events to Qualify
        Play in 8 events - those event points count
        Play in more than 8 events and keep your best 8 finishes for points.
        Plus you get 10 extra points for each additional event
        There must be at least 5 Qualifying Teams per age and division
        Teams play all season to accumulate points.  The TOP 5 teams in each Division will play on December 19-20 for the Championship.  THIS IS A RING EVENT.  We will play a DOUBLE ELIMINATION Tournament to determine the winner.  RINGS for the Champions and Runner's Up in each Division.  
        25 Qualifying Events and Dates
        Event 1 –  July 18-19 Summer Softball Slam Ocala Regional SportsPlex 
        Event 2 –  July 25-26  One Team/One Dream  Seminole County Softball Complex/Merril Park (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 3 – August 1-2  Brawl For It All  NW Recreational Sports Complex
        Event 4 – August 8-9  Summer MeltDown  Sleepy Hollow (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 5 –  August 8-9  Summer MeltDown - Polk County  Bartow 555
        Event 6 – August 15-16  Back To School Bash  NW recreational Sports Complex (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 7 – August 22-23   I Love Fast Pitch  New Smyrna Beach
        Event 8 – August 29-30  Clay Hurricane  Seminole County Softball Complex (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 9 - September 5-6 Pride and Glory  Hancock
        Event 10 – September 12-13  Big Dog Classic  RING EVENT Sleepy Hollow (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 11 – September 19-20  Red Clay Rumble  NW recreational Sports Complex
        Event 12 – September 19-20 Red Clay Rumble - Polk County  Bartow 555
        Event 13 - September 26-27  Peace, Love and Softball  Ocala Regional Sports Plex (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 14 -  October 3-4  Strike Out Cancer  NW Recreational Sports Complex
        Event 15 –October 11-12  Softoberfest Ocala Regional SportsPlex
        Event 16 – October 16-18 Witch's Brew Spell A Thon (ALL NIGHT) Ocala Regional Sports Plex (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 17 - October 17-18 Witch's Brew Spell A Thon - Polk County  Bartow 555 
        Event 18 - October 25-25 Fall Frenzy Sleepy Hollow 
        Event 19 – October 31 - November 1 - Tricks and Sticks  Hancock (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 20 - November 7-8  Veteran's Appreciation NW Recreational Sports Complex
        Event 21 – November 14-15  Feed The Beast  Chain Of Lakes (Titusville) (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 22 – November 14-15 Feed The Beast - Polk County Bartow 555 
        Event 23 - November 21-22  Fall State Championships RING EVENT Sleepy Hollow (DOUBLE POINTS)
        Event 24 – December 5-6  Holiday Heatwave  Merrill Park/LBHS
        Event 25 – December 5-6 Holiday Heatwave - Ocala  Ocala Regional SportsPlex
        December 19-20 SUPER 8 CHAMPIONSHIPS RING EVENT Sleepy Hollow
         Point Scale
        Posted and updated after each event
        Enter Event 10 Points Each (all events count)
        Top 8 Finishes Count
        Points based on # of teams in event
        Example 1: 5 team event Winner get 50 points, 2nd gets 40 points..... 5th gets 10 points 
        Example 2: 16 team event Winner gets 160 points, 2nd gets 150 points, 3rd gets 140 points.........so on.....15th gets 20 points, 16th gets 10 points.
        Call/Text 407.575.9752 or Email  FastPitchOrlando@gmail.com Today & Sign Up!
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