• Clear Choice Showcase
      Clear Choice Showcase
      This is an Invitational tournament for top tier teams from across the state. Only 10 teams pre class bracket can enter and will be scouted by 5-10 college programs in attendance. In addition to the competitive game play between teams, players will attend a combine style workout.  Players will be evaluated and graded by college coaches and will given plenty of exposure opportunities to showcase themselves throughout the weekend. Each team will play (4) 1hour 30 minute games and the goal is to play one game on a college field but this is not a promise. It doesn't matter where you play but how you play so bring you’re a game. 
      Unlike many other events, we do not flood fields with teams, not giving ample opportunity for Players to be seen because they are overwhelmed by the number of players. With four games, coaches get plenty of opportunity to give each player ample amount of playing time. The vast majority of players are not ready for D1 level teams (that may be tough for some to take) but we will have many schools looking for quality players to fill their rosters. Of the key to success of getting a player to the next level is facing the realities of the real potential of the player.
      Enrty Fee is $400 and $40 per game PAP 
      The major difference between Clear Choice and all the others is,  we don’t stop trying to promote your players after the tournament is over. Players will know where they rank amongst others in the eyes of the college recruiters. We interview the coaching staff’s and get their input on the players who participated in the weekends event. The coaches will grade the players. The parents and team coaches will hear it right from the coaching staff of the colleges where the players wish to attend, exactly where Prospect stands in their opinions. The recorded interview will be posted on our popular website www.dirtycleatsportsfilms.com and we will have a Coaches Choice Top 20 in 14u,16u, and18u. Each weekend players in each bracket will move along the top 20 rankings based on their performance graded by the coaches.
      Our studio is finished. Trendsetters Sports will revolutionize the way showcase is done. Our goal is to help your player make it to the next level. There’s many moving pieces that goes along with the goal of playing at the college level and our goal is to get you there.
    • Welcome
      We have partnered with Baseball In College, a national recruiting website information source, making the our event available to thousands of college recruiters across the nation.  Our club is dedicated to your athletes and their success in their club and college baseball career.  Working with this recruiting service is just one way we are making their dreams a reality.
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    • Messaging
      Trendsetters Sports is providing coaches, friends, and family with an opportunity to get stats sent to their phone via text message as they are added during the event. Sign up to get game scores and pitching statistics sent right to your phone by clicking here.
    • We've enhanced our tournament services to help make your participation in our event more interactive and enjoyable. 

      You can sign up for messaging to keep up with pitching records and scores of games you can't attend.  Your family and friends at home can also keep up with your results.

      Of course, we'll be posting the scores online ASAP and will show the standings and tie-breakers as the tournament progresses.

      Keep your eye on this column for the latest updates.

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