• We are currentlet Working on the fields. The anticipated start for some of the fields is 11 AM. This would push back all games by three hours.
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        Thank you for your interest in Fast Pitch Orlando (FPO).  We very much appreciate your playing in our Tournaments.  We are different in many ways from other Softball Tournament Companies.  Come play in our Tournaments and "Experience The Difference" and, you too, will see why we are THE FASTEST growing Softball Tournament Company in Florida!!

      • "Fast Pitch Orlando Tournaments and Events"  Are Independent

        We accept all Insurance: Nations, AAU, USSSA, Little league, Babe Ruth, etc....


        *All Night Tournament*

        2018 was AMAZING and this year will be even better.  The Tournament will begin at 7:00pm FRIDAY NIGHT and continue until finished.  Costume Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Goodies/Prizes, Bobbing For Apples and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!


        OCTOBER 18 - 20, 2019


        Ages 8U,10U,12U,14U,16U and HS Divisions

        $145 Team Entry Fee

        (8U FREE)
        4 Game Guarantee!!
        We play TWO games on Friday Night/Saturday Morning and TWO or MORE games on Saturday Morning, Day or Evening/Sunday Morning.  The first two games on are your seeding games.  YOU WILL HAVE 10 - 12 HOURS BETWEEN GAMES 2 AND 3.  The FIRST game on Saturday/Sunday determines which Bracket you will compete in.  Once your Bracket is determined, you will begin a Single Elimination Tournament within your Bracket.  This format allows for and produces the BEST competition at all levels.  If you are a strong experienced team you will be in a Bracket with like teams.  If you are a newer team you will be in a Bracket with newer teams.  This way all of the girls are being challenged and learning.  

        "Consolation" and "Survivor" Brackets

        Call or Text Today & Sign Up407- 575-9752

        www.fastpitchorlando.com                     fastpitchorlando@gmail.com


        Plus Pay Umpire at the Plate
        $20 per umpire per game (Certified)
        20% Discount on entry fee for multiple Club Team entries
        Gate Fees: $15 Tournament Pass
        Children 14 and under free entry
        3 Coaches and all players free entry 
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