• Welcome to The 2021 USA Travel Ball World Championships
      This years event will be hosted in Kissimmee Florida, 10 Minutes Frtom Disney World.  While this area offers some of the best parks and facilities in Florida, it is also nestled along side some of the best theme parks in the world.  This is a historical town that has invited all with open arms to enjoy their vacation.  The hospitality will be second to none and there are plenty of restaurants, shopping and activities for the parents and players. 
      For housing information and reservations, please see the link above on the top menu bar "Resorts and Housing".
    • Our Goal for 2021 is to have 24 teams from twenty four different regions for all age groups (live stream).
      By 2022 Goal is to have 48 teams from 48 different regions (televised).
      By 2023 Goal is to have 96 teams from 96 different regions (major network coverage).
      By 2024 we expect to have over 200 teams for all age groups playing at selected vacation destinations
      Imagine having 96 teams from 96 different regions for one age division.  How amazing will it be to have over 200 teams from over 200 different regions?  Over 180 regions throughout the USA and another 20 plus regions from Canada, Mexico, Europe, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, South Africa and more.
      Please contact us if you want to help make this happen.  Own your Region Today.
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