• 2023 Winter World Series Open Information

      Check USFA App for weather updates. Each park has a different update!

      ***Modifying the Run Rule for this weekend; 

      8,6,5 after 3rd, 4th, 5th inning (10u-14u)

      10,8,6 after 3rd, 4th, 5th for 8u 

      Please have your teams ready to play 30 minutes ahead of time incase of a run rule


      2023 USFA Winter World Series Event Information


      Scrapyard Sports Complex Conroe, TX (8u, 10u, 12u, 14u)

      29607 Robinson Road

      Conroe, TX 77385


      Pep Mueller Park (14u Over flow)

      14750 Henry Road

      Houston, TX 77060


      5GG Format:

      4-65 Min Games Seeding into 75-minute Single Elimination Bracket 

      (60 Minute Games for 8u)

      14u Division will now play 5 Inning Games or 75 Min Games in this adjusted format due to weather (PAP reduced to $50 from $60 due to change)

      8u Open Division 3 pools into a double elimination bracket 8u PAP $40


      Point Scoring for Seeding Games:

      Pay at the Plate $45 pool and $50 Bracket (14u-$50 PAP all games)


      Field Note: Scrap Yard fields are named Cobart-1, Iron-1, etc; Pep Mueller Park will be noted as F-1, F-2, F-3, etc: This will designate what complex you are playing at if you are in the 14u group.


      All schedules and scoring will be tracked on the USFA Mobile App

      The app is free on Google and Apple Store


      All weather updates will happen on the USFA Mobile App. There is a forecast of scattered rain throughout the day, but with us being on turf fields we will be playing as scheduled. If we way behind for any lightning delays, we have the capability to shift some games to Sunday morning or tweak the format.


      Coaches should bring towels to help pitchers keep ball as dry as possible this weekend to minimize disruptions in play


      Performance Brackets

      8u Open will be 1 bracket due to Double Elim format


      10u (18 teams) will have 2 brackets (9:9) based on seeding games

                Diamond Bracket Seeds 1-9; Gold Bracket Seeds 10-18


      12u (28 teams) will have 3 brackets (10/10/8) based on seeding games

                Diamond Bracket Seeds 1-10; Gold Bracket Seeds 11-20

                Silver Bracket Seeds 21-28


      14u (30 Teams) will have 3 brackets (10/10/10) based on seeding games

                Diamond Bracket Seeds 1-10 Sunday at Scrap Yard

                Gold Bracket Seeds 11-20 Sunday at Pep Mueller Park

                Silver Bracket Seeds 21-30 Sunday at Pep Mueller Park

      *Note 14u Open Teams will not know what park they are playing at on Sunday until the last games are completed Saturday night to determine seeding placement.


      Awards will be given to the 1st & 2nd place team in each bracket

      The daily gate fee at both Scrap Yard and Pep Meuller are the same cost


      Pool Game Scoring Rules: Teams must present lineups during pools, as all games count

      • Win = +3 points; Tie = +1 point, Loss = 0 points
      • Tie Breaker #1 Head to Head if less than 3 teams
      • Tie Breaker #2 Runs Allowed
      • Tie Breaker #3 Run Differential (Max 12 runs)
      • Tie Breaker #4 Director Coin Toss


      Rules Notes:

      If the Home team is up when time expires, we have a ball game; home teams will not be able to bat as the game is technically won at that point


      During the bracket on Sunday the higher seed will be the home team


      Tournament Director has the right to adjust the format of the event if weather factors in


      Housekeeping: Each team will need to make sure their insurance is uploaded into the USFA Sinc system


      Rosters should be entered online in the Sinc system as well: Note if you have any issues email your roster to admin@starsovertxsoftball.com prior to play starting


      Gate Fees will vary by park: See link to Scrap Yard Gate Fee & Park Policies


      *Coolers are welcome only at Pep Mueller; but not at Scrap Yard-see rules

      *No metal spikes at any of the turf complexes!!!


      Staffing Contact:

      Scrap Yard Director: Wade Smith (409)504-7762

      Scrap Yard UIC: Dan “Bubba” Harris (409)670-5981

      Pep Mueller Director: Jules Trevino 832-259-8292

      Pep Mueller UIC: Jared Arrington (832)434-8170


      *Note; if you have any questions or concerns at your park you have to contact your designated staff member. Do not call Robert as he will be traveling between the 3 parks daily and may not be readily available


      This weekend could get bumpy with the weather and the amount of games we are squeezing into these turf complexes, so USFA wanted to thank you’ll in advance for your support!


      Robert Guerrero -Tournament Director 





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