• Christmas Money Ball!
      The Christmas Money Ball Cash Back Tournamnet  will be held in Conroe, TX the weekend of December 1. The games will begin on Friday.  
      8u Open 
      10u Open
      12u Open
      14u Open
      16u Open
      18u Open
      Game Format:  
      5 Game Format that will kick off with 4-60 min seeding games that will finish the inning leading into a 70 minute single elimination bracket to determine a Champion. (60 Min for 8u)
      $175 Entry Fee Pay at the Plate $35 Pools/$40 Bracket
      Rosters will need to be completed online by each team prior to the first game starting
      Insurance proof will need to be turned in at check-in
      Weather updates will be communicated via the USFA Mobile App
      Seeding Breakdown: 
      Win = 3 Points
      Tie = 1 Point
      Loss = 0 Points     
      Tie Breaker #1 Head to Head Tie Breaker #2 Runs Allowed Tie Breaker #3 Run Differential 
      Bracket will be set once the last game is completed Saturday night
      Please use the USFA Mobile App for schedules and standing updates
      Click "Register" to register for this tournament!