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      • USFA Gold Cup Series 3-Finals
        Saturday 4:30am Update
        Coaches, the fields are green light go. Reminder that the 12A was shifted to Willis and the 14C to Conroe. We will have some more weather to dodge later today, but the fields are dry. Updates from here on out will be on the Weather Alert section on the mobile app. Take another look at your schedule to make sure your times were not changed. Fingers crossed that the good luck continues. RG
        Friday 9:30pm Update
        Coaches, the fields were bone dry but the light rain has started falling at the parks. It's moving quicker than expected which is good. We are going to let the rain pass, and communicate accordingly. The good part is that the rain has been very light, but of course we are not done yet. 
        Do not head to the park unless you have seen our green light go message. The field crew is going to give us a report once the weather has cleared. We will do our best to ensure that we are communicating via text message, email, and the weather alert section on the mobile app. RG
        The USFA Gold Cup Series will have 3 stages with the highest point total of the combined events will determine the winner for each Division. USFA gives points for placement after each event, and that will be the point system that is used. 
        $250 Entry Fee (Make check payable to USFA)
        4 Game: 2 Pool/Double Elimination 
        Updated standings for the completed stages are on the standings tab, which will be used to seed the brackets: Teams that didn't play in any stage will be drawn for the remaining slots left in their division: For example a Division with 14 total teams with 10 teams playing in previous 2 stages will be seeded by points accumulated in the 2 stage events only, with the remaining 4 slots being drawn for by the tournament director. 
        65 min pools/ 75 min bracket games
        Umpires PAP $40 
        We will have classifications broken out into their own divisions with 6 or more teams in each
        Make payment via paypal: PayPal/USFAHouston or
        Gene Campbell Sports Complex
        Willis Sports Complex
      • Cup Standings Thru 2 Stages
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