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    • Help Timmy Read His Story Cerebral Palsy
      Timmy is 14.  At two months old, he was diagnosed with an
      inter-cranial bleed which caused cerebral palsy,
      [pharmaceutical-resistant] epilepsy, cortical-visual
      impairment, and low muscle tone. He suffered multiple strokes
      during his hospitalization, so damage was extensive.
      Developmentally, he's a six- to eight-month old infant,
      but he is SUCH a blessing to all of us, we wouldn't trade
      him for anything.
      Timmy is in need of a Chair Lift Van.  His brother misses school
      to stay home and help the family load Timmy into the vehicle.
      The father has some heart issues that creates limited lifting for him.
      I am asking all of us to do as much as we can to help this family
      out during their time of need.
      From this event we will donate the proceeds needed to purchase
      Timmy A Vehicle with a lift that will allow him to travel for
      his appointments easier and allow his brother John to not miss school.
      6 games $400.00
      Gate will be collected at the gate for this event
      $15.00 for the weekend
      $10.00 per day for anyone over the age of 12
      Seniors over 60 FREE

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