• Welcome to USFA Summer Series Stage 5 - Texas
      Cars parked in the grass might be ticketed. It will be towed by Harris County.  Coaches please let your parents know and move there cars if not in a parking spot.
      Thank you Spring Stampede for working so hard to get our fields playable again today. Thank you teams for your patience! Good luck to all the teams!
      2pm UPDATE - Schedules have been done and posted online. If you started an 8am pool game this morning - please let the umpires know you already paid for your pool game. They have a team list but just in case. All pools games will start as brand new games tonight. 
      1:12pm UPDATE - fields are starting to dry out and we are working on an updated schedule. I will send out a message to coahces once it is ready. Pool games will be at 6 or 7:20 pm tonight and bracket will start at 8am Sunday. 
      11:10am UPDATE - Schedules updated for 1:30pm start - rain has stopped - letting the water drain and then host will work fields. Please warm up in outfields only for first few rounds.
      10:30am update - conditions are improving but we need to push back the start until 1:30pm to give fields time to dry and turn the dirt over. Schedules being updated for 1:30pm start.
      SCHEDULES UPDATE ONLINE - 9:49am update
      WEATHER UPDATE - 9:06am - GAMES DELAYED UNTIL NOON - schedules will be updated soon
      WEATEHR UPDATE - 8:40am - Lightning Delay - Games will resume 30 minutes after last lightning strike within 5 miles. 
      WEATHER UPDATE - 7:45am - there is a rain cell approaching and we need to delay start until 8:30am due to lightning. 
      WEATHER UPDATE - 7AM - Fields look good - moving on as scheduled. There is a rain cell near the area that we are monitoring - adjustments will be made if rain/lightning causes any delays. 
      UPDATE - 7/24/2020: Event has been reschduled to July 31 - August 2 at Bayer Park in Spring, Texas. 
      EMAIL Sent to coaches on 7/30/2020:
      TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Bayer Park has assured USFA that the tournament will proceed as planned. 
      **Schedules have been released.
      **COACHES - PLEASE CHECK IN BEFORE YOUR FIRST POOL GAME. Tournament director will be at a table near the Blue Field - close to the men's restroom entrance. Bracket was seeded by points accumalted in the first four stages of the Summer Series events. 
      ** Tournament Entry Payment - to limit contact between coaches and Tournament Staff we are asking everyone to send $250 entry via PayPal to Charles Barnhouse by 10pm Friday evening so that we can update our online records - PayPal account: mrchairs@sbcglobal.net or you can locate using my cell 281-639-9098 - Please use Friends and Family to avoid fees.  If your team does not have PayPal - cash ONLY will be accepted at check in - EXACT FEE REQUIRED - no change will be available. 
      * Please update your online roster prior to check-in. If your team does not have an online account, please bring a paper roster to leave with the tournament director at check-in. The paper roster should include Player First and Last Name, Jersey Number and birthdate. 
      * Teams must show proof of insurance at check-in as well - either updated on your USFA account or provide a paper copy to be viewed at check in. 
      Game lengths: 10U and up - Pool 65 minutes finish the batter, Bracket 75 minutes - finish the inning. Teams provide balls for games.  
      Below is more detailed communication focused around the safety guidelines & protocols for this coming weekend. We are closely monitoring the situation around the virus, and will need help from our teams to make the parks safer. As you know the City of Houston and other Texas communities kicked off the “Mask Up” campaign, to help drive the message on how important it is to wear masks. Our goal this weekend to set the example of how a youth sports event can function, and still adhere to the regulatory guidelines set by the authorities. We have seen video clips of games that have been played over the last week or so, and frankly we can do better adhering to these guidelines.  See information below:
      *Masks MUST be worn at the Bayer Park by all fans attending when in concession area and restrooms - AGES 10 and up; major focus here please - coaches and players are aked to wear masks when not on the field for a game. 
      *Social Distancing is essential; please spread out along the foul lines and separate from guests who are not immediate family members.
      * Team and Personal coolers ARE ALLOWED at Bayer Park - they will have a full concession stand and food vnedors - please consider supporting the host team by visiting the concession stand and their vendors. 
      *Players & Coaches temperature checks prior to first game. USFA does not have the staff nor the equipment to administer temperature check for the players or coaches, so we ask that each family do their due diligence in checking prior to playing. This of course can happen prior to leaving the house. The umpires will need the coach at the plate meeting to confirm that his group has been checked prior to the first game starting.
      Note- any person with a temperature of 100.4 or over should not enter the parks, as 100.4 is considered a fever
      *Dugouts- we ask that each team designate from their parents or coaches someone to do a final walk through to check that everything has been sanitized and clean byt their team, so that the next team taking the dugout enters a clean dugout. 
      *Coaches are asked to minimize any  “post game” team meetings to prevent the group gatherings - or use social distancing when meeting with the team. 
      * AWARDS - Awards will be handed to one team representative after the game to distribute to the players. This is for the safety of our directors and teams. 
      We understand that this is a stressful & nervous situation to deal with, so we ask everyone for their help this weekend to try making this as safe as possible.
      GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! See you at the fields! 
      Charles Barnhouse
      Event Tournament Director
      This is the last of the USFA Summer Series Stage events.   The team in each division that accumulates the highest total number of points will be the 2020 USFA Summer Series Winner, and will take home the prestigious Summer Series Trophy.  UPDATED 7/15/20 - We will be playing at Houston Sportsplex (12631 S Main St., Houston, Texas 77035). 
      Stage 5 Format: 2-65 Min Pool Games  into Double Elimination Bracket w/75 Min Games seeding by points from previous stages
      Umpires: PAP $40 per game
      Entry Fee: $250 per team 
      Awards: 1st and 2nd place individual awards with team award; 3rd place team award
      In the event the tournament has to be called due to weather - we will follow the information below for refunds:
      If you played 1 game - $150 refund
      If you played 2 games - $100 refund
      If you played 3 games - $150 refund
      If you played 4 or more games - no refund as the minimum number of games has been met
      If there is a cancellation due to weather - the on-site tournament director will contact remaining teams to complete the event.
      Tournament Directors
      Stephanie Meldanado 281-851-5186
      Kerwin Ross 504-496-1582 
      Charles Barnhouse 281-639-9098 
      Lolo Garcia 281-763-3329
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