• Gulf Coast 1-Day Championship Round Robin Free Event
      Format: 4GG RR 
      USFA ihosting a 1-day 4GG Championship Round Robin event at Ford Park (turf fields) SATURDAY ONLY 10/10!  The games are 65 mins finish the inning, not the batter.  The entry fee is "Free" for this event with the umpires fees being $40.00 pay at the plate.  Enter now as space is limited.
      The team with the highest point total at the end of the day will be crowned Champions
      3 Points for a W, 1 for a Tie or Shutout, and 0 for a loss. 
      Tie Breaker: Head to Head (2-teams); Run Allowed (Max of 12 runs)

      Director-Robert Guerrero
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