• Gold Cup Series Stage 2 Event Information
      Gold Cup is one of the most fun series of events USFA hosts. There will be 3 separate stages to the Gold Cup series, and the dates are below. One of the cool aspects of this event, is that every game counts! We will also be using Performance Brackets giving teams chances for more games and points. Teams will accumulate points for each event they play in and the totals are tracked with the team in each Division that has the highest point total is the Gold Cup Winner.
      Stage 2:          MARCH 1-3, 2024    3x Points           
      Locations: Subject to change
      Pearland, TX - Centennial - 12U Open & 12U C-Class
      Pearland, TX - Shadow Creek 8U Open, 8U C-Class, 10U Open and 10U C-Class (Veterans overflow)
      Sugar Land, TX - Imperial Park - 14U Open & 14U C-Class 
      Gate fee for Pearland Parks (Shadow Creek and Centennial) - $7 per day or $10 for weekend pass.
      Gold Cup Winners will get an additional 100 points for winning the Cup
      Gold Cup Winning team will also get a free set of team jerseys
      *Teams do not have to play in all 3 to be able to win the cup, it’s all about point accumulation.
      10U-16U - Stage 2 Entry - $300
      (*Notef you play in all 3 stages your entry fee for Stage 3 is reduce to $100)
      8U Stage 2 Entry - $200
      (*8U Note - If you play in all 3 stages your entry fee for Stage 3 is reduced to $50)
      FORMAT: 5GG
      10U-16U - 4 65 minute pool games (finish the inning) into a seeded 75 minute single elimination bracket PAP ($45 Pools/$50 bracket)
      8u 60/60 - PAP Umpires $45 per game
      Divisions: 8u-14u
      We will have Open & C-Class Divisions; Note if you play in the Open division in any event you can not move down to play in C-Class. Play in Open and you have to play in Open throughout.
      Performance Bracket:
      Each Division that has 16 teams or more will split into two brackets to give teams more chances to accumulate points. 

      Payment: Go to the Team Page here in the tournament webpage and click pay fee to pay
      Site Directors Contact:
      Shadow Creek Pearland: 
      Director Wade Smith (409)504-7762
      Dan "Bubba" Harris (409)670-5981
      Centennial Park Pearland
      Director: Jules Trevino (832)259-8292
      UIC Jacob Arnold (832)298-1572
      Imperial Park Sugarland
      Director: Robert Guerrero (832)242-2203
      UIC: Anthony Cottrell ((936)240-7172

      Primary Scoring Rules

      Points for win
      Points for tie
      Points for forfeit win

      Additional Scoring

      If more than 2 teams are tied, head to head will be dropped and we'll move to the next tie-breaker

      Tie Breaker Rules

      Head to Head

      Tie Breaker #1

      Head to Head

      Runs Allowed

      Tie Breaker #2

      Fewest runs allowed

      Run Differential

      Tie Breaker #3

      Points for Run Differential: up to 12 per game

      Coin Toss

      Tie Breaker #4
    • Gold Cup Standings

      CLICK HERE to view current standings.

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