• Big Sis Challenge RR 5GG 8u & 9u Teams Only!!!
      Entry Fee Payments are due:
      PayPal: robert.guerrero@usfastpitch.com 
      Venmo: @Robert-Guerrero-18
      832-242-2203 # tied to both 
      This new event will be a special weekend as it will be hosted side by side with a college softball tournament. USFA will host a 5GG Championship tournament simultaneously with a DII Invitational College Softball Event. There will be an elevated gate fee of $10 per day per person, but this gives you access to all of the collegiate games. It will be such a cool experience for the girls to play at the same place as the college softball teams. Many of the younger players have never seen a college softball game, and this weekend will provide that special opportunity. 
      The format using seeding games allows teams to plan their schedules to catch specific games before, after, or when there is a break in the games
      8u Open Division
      8u C-Class
      9u 2k13 Division
      (Can have up to 2 2k12 players-Note the players can't pitch or catch in this event)
      $200 Entry Fee
      4-65 min Games leading into a 65 min single elimination bracket. Teams will play 4 games on Friday/Saturday. These games will seed you into the single elimnination bracket on Sunday. 
      $45 PAP for Umpires
      Gate Fees $10 per person per day; Players and Coaches free
      Robert Guerrero

      Primary Scoring RulesEdit

      Points for win
      Points for tie
      Points for forfeit win

      Additional Scoring

      If more than 2 teams are tied, head to head will be dropped and we'll move to the next tie-breaker

      Tie Breaker Rules

      Head to Head

      Tie Breaker #1

      Head to Head will only be dismissed if the matches in question are split or tied.

      Fewest Runs Allowed

      Tie Breaker #2

      Fewest runs allowed

      Run Differential

      Tie Breaker #3

      Points for Run Differential: up to 12 per game

      Coin Toss

      Tie Breaker #4


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