• USFA FUTURES NATIONAL Pearland, TX Schedules Live

      Final Update: Schedule is live!

      Coaches, I want to thank all of you for sticking with us while we navigate the best options for this weekend’s tournament. Lost a # of teams that dropped late, but you’ll hung in there even though the #’s were small and we are grateful for that. Cancelling this event would have been the easy button, but that’s not how we do things. The record heat forecasted for this area is something we will all have to deal with, so we are making some adjustments to the event schedule. Here is the plan:


      Friday night Opening Ceremonies Block party will be cancelled due to the excessive heat and lack of participation. Teams will be able to trade any pins or items Saturday morning. USFA home office has instructed all events in multiple states to cancel any non-essential activities like camps, clinics, etc.

      Games will start Saturday morning: all teams will play 3 seeding games Saturday and our last round of games is done at the 3pm round (We think we can finish sooner, as we built some breaks in)

      Keeping the 5-game format and there is no way to finish in 1 day without putting the girls into the heart of the heat. Double elimination brackets will start Sunday morning, and we expect to be done Sunday by lunch time


      Entry Fee for Coach Pitch $250 (Winner in coach pitch will get a $1000 USFA Event Credit!)

      Entry fee for All-Star & Kid Pitch $125 (Winner of each division will get $500 USFA Event Credit)

      PayPal: payments@starsovertxsoftball.com 713-594-5928

      Awards: Winners of each Division will get a team award, championship rings, and a USFA pin

      2nd and 3rd place teams will get USFA Finalist Rings


      Each player will get a complimentary Italian Ice as a gift from the USFA staff. Coaches will need to come check in at Shadow Creek Sports Complex under the pavilion to get the tickets for their players to use to get their free Italian Ice. Coaches will also get your 3 coaches wrist bands at check-in under the pavilion


      On site Director: Jules Trevino 832-259-8292

      UIC: Bubba Harris 409-670-5981


      Event will be a 5X point event!

                      1st Place 500 Points

                      2nd Place 350 Points

                      3rd Place 250 Points

                      4th Place 200 Points

                      5th Place 150 Points

                      6th Place 125 Points


      USFA has also worked with the City of Pearland to have extra safety measures in place for this event. Pearland PD will have officers on site to ensure we have real time help if anything heat or safety related happens. They have also helped us secured Memorial Herman Hospital to have a heath and safety station set up both Saturday and Sunday as extra safety for our players and spectators.  


      We understand that some could say we are being a bit extra here, but we care about our players, coaches, and their families so doing the extras on a tough weekend like this will help everyone. Our USFA team knows you’ll as coaches are under a lot of pressure on weekends like this, so we also are going the extra mile for you too.


      Thanks again for the support!

      Robert Guerrero Stars Over Texas Softball

      USFA Texas State/National Director







      USFA FUTURES NATIONAL - 6u, 7u, 8u

      Date: 6/25/22-6/26/22 - OPENING CEREMONY PARTY FRIDAY NIGHT

      Location: Pearland, TX Shadow Creek Sports Complex

      GATE FEE: $7/DAY or $10/WEEKEND - Coaches (up to 3), players and children 10 and under free

      PayPal: payments@starsovertxsoftball.com 713-594-5928

      Format: 3 Pool games seed you into a double elimination bracket

      All games will be 60 minutes or 6 innings

      Umpires Pay at the Plate: $30 per team for 6u (one umpire per game - teams will each pay $30/game); $40 per team for 7U-2K14 and 8u games

      Games will begin Saturday morning at 8am

      Pearland Town Center: Opening Ceremonies Party 7:00pm-9:00pm *Cancelled****

      Tug of War Tournament will begin at 8pm

      11200 Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77584

      Event Complexes:

      Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch

      13050 Shadow Creek Pkwy, Pearland, TX 77584

      Pearland Area Hotel Offers:


      6u will play standard USFA 8u rules

      7U-2K14 will play standard USFA 8U rules

      8u Coach Pitch are normal rules 

      8u Live Pitch Rules with be the same as 10u (6 run limit per half-inning)


      Coolers are welcome at all complexes


      No Grills are allowed at any of the complexes due to fire safety restrictions


      Teams will play their own balls.


      Any weather alerts will be done on the USFA mobile app


      Rosters are online only, if need help uploading rosters email them to admin@starsovertxsoftball.com

      Scoring will be tracked on the USFA Mobile App using the rules below: Please read!!!!!

      Pool/Seeding Games Scoring Rules:

      Points for win 3

      Points for tie 1

      Points for forfeit win 3


      Tie Breaker Detail:

      If more than 2 teams are tied, head to head will be dropped and we'll move to the next tie-breaker

      Tie Breaker Rules

      Head to Head Tie Breaker #1

      Fewest Runs Allowed Tie Breaker #2

      Highest Run Differential (Max 12) Tie Breaker #3

      Points for Run Differential: up to 12 per game

      Coin Toss Tie Breaker #4

      **If time has expired and the home team is up we have a ball game. Teams are not allowed to continue hitting, as the game is officially over.


      *In bracket play teams will flip for home vs visitor; will not be set by pool seeding


      The USFA staff is very excited to host your groups this super cool event!!! RG


      Robert Guerrero


















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