Format: 6 Game Championship Round Robin

      *6 65-Minute Pool Games 

      $45 PAP Pools; Champions Bracket $50 75 Min Games

      Top 6 teams in each division make the Champions Bracket Sunday afternoon

      *10C and 12C Divisions will have 2 brackets due to size (Seeds 1-6 Gold; 7-12 Silver)


      Complex: DIAMONDS AT DAILY PARK - 1903 Daily Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471

      Director: Aaron DiVirgillio 832-293-2397


      Gate Fee: Daily Fee - $10 per person, per car - maximum $20 per car
      Coolers are allowed at all parks! Hydrate…

      **Note no metal spikes will be allowed on the turf at Diamonds

      Weather Alert Updates - will be sent via the USFA Mobile App - please make sure parents have the USFA app downloaded prior to the tournament

      Modified Run Rule in effect for Super Six Format:
      8 after 3, 6 after 4, 5 after 5

      Schedule Notes: This event will have 500+ games spread across 23 fields. Our normal scheduling disciplines were challenged here due to the large number of games, and the lower # of teams that could play Friday night. We had 7 fields open Friday night, that we couldn’t fill which would have really taken the pressure off of the late games Saturday. For example, those 21 games would have saved us from having that 9pm round Saturday. We appreciate your patience here!


      Pace of Play Notes:  Modified Run Rule: 8, 6, 5 after 3, 4, 5

      No on field warm ups, or on field post-game meetings

      1-minute between innings; Umpires will be focused on enforcing this rule

      Please get in & out of the dug outs as quickly as possible *An extra 5 minutes wasted per game turn adds an extra hour at the end of the day which no one likes

      Have your lineups ready if you are playing back-to-back games

      If fields are running ahead, we will start early. Have your teams ready 30 mins prior


      Primary Scoring Rules
      Points for win - 3
      Points for tie - 1 
      Points for forfeit win - 3 (Score will be 7-0 for a forfeit 6-0 for 10u)

      Tie Breaker Rules Breakdown
      Tie Breaker #1 - Head-to-Head - If more than 2 teams are tied, head-to-head will be dropped and we will move to the next tie-breaker
      Tie Breaker #2 - Runs Allowed
      Tie Breaker #3 - Run Differential - Points for Run Differential: up to 12 per game max
      Tie Breaker #4 - Coin Toss

      Note: If time has expired and the home team is up, we have a ball game. Modified rule in an effort to keep games close to scheduled time.

      Event Director: Robert Guerrero 832-242-2203


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