• 2020 Veterans Showcase Rules
      Veterans Tribute Showcase Rules
      1. Team listed first in the game frame will occupy the 1st Base Dugout unless a team from the prior game already occupies it.
      2. The Home Team will be determined by coin toss at Home Plate prior to the start of the game.
      3. Two New balls will be furnished by The Veteran’s Tribute Showcase for the first game of the day. After that game, one new ball and one used ball will be provided by the Veteran’s Tribute Showcase. Each team needs to be prepared to throw in additional balls thereafter.
      4. Steel Cleats will be allowed only on dirt fields. Make sure your players bring Turf Shoes if they are playing at Burnt Hickory or Patriots Park.
      5. No protest allowed. The Veteran’s Tribute Showcase provides a UIC at each park. Game and Umpire disputes will be handled by the UIC.
      6. For 14u & 16u, game times will be 1:20 minutes “Finish the batter” with a 10-minute rotation.
      7. For 18u, game times will be 1:50 minutes “Finish the Batter” with a 10-minute rotation.
      8. In the event of inclement weather, there will be an automatic 20-minute rain delay rule in effect. If play cannot resume after 20 minutes, that round of games is CANCELLED. There will be no make-up games.
      9. The Veterans Tribute Showcase is an ASA sanctioned event. As such, any unspecified rules will adhere to the ASA Code and enforced by the UIC
             10.  Team rosters are not required.
             11.Teams will enjoy free substitution.
      12.  Courtesy runners must be last batted out unless the batter was the current Pitcher or Catcher.
      13.  RUN RULES DO NOT APPLY: Regardless of the final score, we will only post a Victory margin of 7 runs or less.
             14. Scores through “The Final batter” will be the official score.
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