GSA Christmas Classic 12/7/2019 - 12/8/2019

"NEW" Rules of Player Protest
The protest of any player must be done at the home plate meeting before the game officially starts. Any questions regarding player eligibility, rosters or proof of age must be addressed before the game begins. Once the first pitch of the game has been thrown, NO player protest will be allowed. By starting the game, both coaches agree and accept rosters as they have been submitted on the game sheet.
Protesting a players age will cost $100 cash at time of protest. The game will be played under protest and the opposing team will have until the official end of the game to turn in a physical copy of the players birth certificate. The passport or birth certificate will not be accepted if it is on a mobile device or if the physical copy has been tampered or altered with in any way.
Protesting a players ineligibility due to not being on the official GSA roster will result in the player NOT being allowed to play.
NO Roster can be edited and NO player can be added to the official GSA roster once elimination games have begun.