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Game Information
Home:Birmingham Vipers 04 5395Score:7Away:Impact Gold AL-Bergert 4887Score:4
Date:11/20/2021 8:00:00 AMField:HTP F1
#Birmingham Vipers 04 5395HHR123

#Pitching Summary#PIPKWDPEP
#Impact Gold AL-Bergert 4887HHR123

#Pitching Summary#PIPKWDPEP

Hitting Stats H: Hits HR: Home Runs 1: Singles 2: Doubles 3: Triples
Pitching Stats IP: Innings Pitched K: Strike Outs W: Walks DP: IP that day EP: IP this event
#P: Number of Pitches
Selected as the MVP Selected as the College Bound Athlete (By the team)

Pitching Limits

GUEST BIRMTHN3 2022 866543

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