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The online schedule is the only official schedule.  Please check it routinely as the Tournament Director reserves the right to make changes subjectively and without noticewhile preparing for and executing this tournament. For immediate schedule updates download the sincsports app and follow your team. Coaches should sign up for "text notifications" in the contact information area of their account login. 



Florida Impact Gold - Ladd 5500
14U Navy Seals (Kenworth) Schedule

12:30 PM#00285
14U Navy Seals (Kenworth)Kennworth Park Field 4
5:00 PM#00294
14U Navy Seals (Kenworth)Kennworth Park Field 1
8:00 PM#00303
14U Navy Seals (Kenworth)Kennworth Park Field 2
11:00 AM#00317
14U Navy Seals (Kenworth)Kennworth Park Field 4
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