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    • Tournament Information
      Entry Fee:
      • 10U-14U: 375.00
      • 2 Pool, Double Elimination
      Game Time Limits:
      • All Games: 10U (70 minutes), 12U-14U (75 minutes). Finish the inning.
      Gate Fees:
      • 8.00/Day or 15.00/Weekend.
      • 10 and under free.
      • No Refunds on gate fees.
      Select HOTELS here or see Hotels tab above.
      Entry fee MUST be received by 6/9/2017.
      Please make check payable to:
      Roy Hattaway
      P.O. Box 7665
      Macon, GA 31209
      Rosters MUST BE SUBMITTED online with USFA by 6/14/2017.
      Team Insurance and Team Travel Form MUST BE SUBMITTED by 6/14/2017 (see Forms under Information tab above).
      Teams MUST BE SANCTIONED for this event.
      This event is seeded by USFA points. 
      Special requests will be considered but not guaranteed.
      See Other tab above for Rainout Policy/Refunds and Forms
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