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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Sophia Acevedo Texas CF Intruders 08 2019
Kacie Goolsby Texas Shock 2K8 First Base0
Emileigh Droddy Texas Dirts Divas 07 Pitcher2019
Johanna Hernandez Texas Shock 2K8 Catcher0
Caylee Longoria Texas Lookouts 0
Jaslynn Garcia TXBOOM 2019
Raileigh Brumley Crew 2k11 Outfield2020
Ashton Robert Crew 2k11 Pitcher2020
Addison Bramlet American Thunder - Lambeth Pitcher2019
Brooke Richards American Thunder - Lambeth Third Base0
Maggie Vela Texas Shock2k9 0
Naomi Rex Texas Shock2k9 0
Braeley Lopez Germantown Red Devils 09 0
Hayley Stevens Germantown Red Devils 09 0
Abigail Pegram Germantown Red Devils 09 0
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USFA40603 2020 F F N 4 0
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