Osceola County and City of Kissimmee
USA Travel Ball Social Distancing Policy
Please see below guidelines and policies for Osceola County and Kissimmee events. We are excited to have an opportunity for our boys and girls and families to get back into the parks and on the fields.  Our customers safety and health continue to be our number one priority. 
Phase II
50% capacity:  Example:  In a four-field complex that would normally service 32-40 teams for a weekend, we are now able to service 15-20 teams for a two-day weekend and/or 24-30 teams for a three-day weekend.  To service these capacity requirements, all pool and bracket games will be one hour and twenty-minute time limits.  Championship games will be one hour and forty-minutes.
6’ social distancing:  All bleachers will be divided up or roped off to meet these guidelines and will be monitored by GFB and Park staff.  We recommend all spectator to bring chairs and tents and to be placed at a minimum 10’ spacing.
City of Kissimmee will require each family to fill out their own waiver, these waivers will be sent to Coaches to disperse to families.
Due to guidlines approved for this event, we will use one umpire per game.  The umpire will be able to position himself behind the plate approx 2' behind the catcher.  Umpire fees will be paid in andvance for this event using the "EZ-Ump" tab on top menu bar of event site
Touchless temperature checks will be performed and monitered by city staff upon entry into the parks.  Any one with a tempereature of 100.3 or higher will not be allowed to enter the park.
As per Osceola County guidelines entry into the parks, establishments, restraunts and hotels will require mask.  This is for all patrons from 2 year old and up, including players.  Patrons with medical issues that would not be able to wear a mask or excluded from this requirement.  Once you are in the park and properly social distanced within your group, mask may be relieved (when leaving your area mask must be used).  Once players are in the dugouts, mask may be removed.
All entry points, dugouts, restrooms, and bleachers will have sanitizer available.
Cash less and paper less entry fees, gate fees:  Entry fees can continue to be paid online at time of registration or by using the “pay online” tab on top menu bar to pay at any time. There will be new tabs on all event sites for payment of gate fees “EZ-Gates”.
No team or sharing of coolers:  Personal water jugs and coolers are recommended.  Keep everyone hydrated, especially the players.
All staff members will wear mask or bandanas while communicating with customers within six-foot distance.
No team, coach, or umpire handshakes before or after games.  Teams and coaches will find ways to be creative to show the respect for the game and its members.  We look forward to seeing these creative ideas on the fields.
Plate meeting will require coaches and umpires to use the 6’ social distancing policy.  Staff members will collect and exchange line ups to umpires, coaches, and score keepers.  Staff members will wear mask and gloves for these exchanges.  Any communication concerning game and line ups will require 6’ social distancing policies.
Team huddles are allowed without contact and recommended with distancing.  Coaches and teams are encouraged to find ways to be creative with distancing.  High five, pats etc.. need to be contactless.
Award ceremonies:  All awards will be sanitized before presentations.  Staff members presenting the awards will be required to wear mask and gloves.   Team and individual pictures are encouraged.  No mixed team pictures will be allowed.


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