• Fall Events 2021
      Red Raider Red 11U
      August 6-8 Wood Bat Finale (Altamonte)
      August 21-22 CFL Shootout (Apopka
      August 28-29 Summer Closeout (Apopka)
      Sept 10-12 PG Fall Nationals (Boombah)
      Sept 18-19 USA King Of Jungle (Sebring)
      Sept 25-26 USSSA Super NIT (Boombah)
      Oct 2-3 GOB Leesburg
      Oct 9-10 USA  (Kissimmee)
      Oct 16-17 USA Flagler Open (Bunnell)
      Oct 22-25 PG Fall World (Boombah)
      Nov 5-6 GOB States (Apopka)
      Nov 12-14 PG East (Boombah)
      Dec 4-5 USA Winter Grand Slam (Plant City)
      Dec 11-12 Santa Hit-N-Run (Vero Beach)
      Dec 18-22 WWBA Boombah
      Red Raider White (Updated 9/22/21)
      October 2-3 GOB Leesburg/Apopka
      October 9-10 USA Kissimmee
      October 16-17 USA Flagler
      November 6-7 Vero Beach
      November 13-14 New Smyrna Beach
      November 20-21 USA Flagler
      December 4-5 Plant City USA
      December 11-12 Bunnell USA
      December 20-21 GOB Apopka/Ocoee
      Other Teams TBA
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    • Back to Back
      Red Raiders take home the ship for the second straight weekend in the Gold bracket at the GOB Summer Closeout.
    • 2021 Rosters (And Growing)
      Red Raiders 11U 2021
      Jack Bennett #15, 11U Red
      Wyatt Christopher #1, 11U Red
      Wyatt Dickerman #40, Red and White
      Connor Jernigan #34, 11U Red
      Owen Geluso, #9 11U (All, Plus 10U)
      Tyler Heine #8, 11U Red
      Carter Lewis #44, 11U Red
      Rocko Mageo #4, 11U Red
      Eddie Nielson #24, 11U Red
      Claytin Olmstead #22, 11U Red and Silver
      Kama Pescaia #21, 11U Red
      Luke Shaw #7, 11U Red and Silver
      Mason Shetrone #12 Red and White
      James Stalions #99, 11U Red and Silver
      Ryan Timmons #42,  11U Red and White
      Blake Wyche #3, 11U Red and Silver
      Guest Players
      Josh Trautman #26, 11U Red, Tampa
      Wyatt Kocol #2, 11U (All Plus 10U), Tampa
      Red Raiders 10U 2021
      Owen Geluso
      Wyatt Kocol #2
      Joseph Leonard
      Devin Shah
      Bobby Shinn
      Jaydrien Williams
      Red Raiders 9U 2021
      Wade Kocol
      Joseph Leonard
      Nathan Olmstead
      Red Raiders (Gray) 8U, 9U, 12U, 13U, 14U, HS
      To Be Determined
    • Practice Schedule
      Tuesday and Thursday
      Richard Coffey Field
      Forest City LL
      495 Maple Street
      Altamonte Springs 32719
      Hitting and Pitching
      Clinics (Optional)
    • Red Raiders Est.1994
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