1.  Can I play exclusively with Red Raiders?  Yes.  You must commit to training with us, or have a set training program in your area (Personal trainer, Family Trainer, etc..).
2.  Do I have to commit to all Red Raider events if I am an exclusive player?  No.  You can pick the weekends you need or want to take off.
3.  Do I have to play exclusively with Red Raiders?  No.  You can play and train with another club and guest play when available and/or needed.
4.  Is Red Raiders a year round program?  Yes.  We train year round and schedule events 12 months out of the year.
5.  Can I dual roster with RR teams in qualified age groups?  Yes.  For different or same weekends
6.  Is RR a non-profit?  Yes,  you can bring in your own or team sponsors to help cover your travel expenses
7.  Do I have to play in RR leagues?  No, however, we do recommend because our players usually play up a couple age groups for the experience.
8.  What if I live in Miami and Miami does not have a RR team, can I play with an Orlando, Tampa team?  Yes players can play for different region teams.  They can also play for more than one region.  RR will have training clubs/teams in all regions of Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm, Gainesville, etc..)
9.  Do I have to attend a RR tryout in order to be on a RR team.  No, you can guest play for any of our teams and we will figure where you fit within the program.
10.  Is RR for the elite player only?  No, We do expect to play at the highest level possible for some of our teams, however we will have developmental teams from 7u-12u.  All players are welcome.
11.  As a Coach or Manager of another team, can I coach a RR team as well?  Yes, If you want to do a RR pick up team the week your club is taking a break,  we can supply players from your region or other regions when needed


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