Backyard Brawl 10/2/2020 - 10/4/2020
8:05am Update
Over the last hour, the rain in Plant City has picked up and the fields are beginning to hold alot of water. At this time the fields are unsafe to play on and all games have been canceled for to today.
City of Plant City Guidelines for this Weekend
No City concessions will be open so please have teams bring their own drinks (no sharing of coolers or bottles)
No spectators can sit in bleachers or along the fence line of the backstop
Players and coaches must socially distance in dugout and use bleachers as an extension of the dugout
All spectators must socially distance down sidelines or behind outfield fences

In Order to help manage human contact and to help with social distancing at our gates, GSA will implement an up-front gate fee. All teams will be responsible for paying the upfront gate fee of $200.00. This can be paid at the tournament. It covers all parents and spectators for your team.


ENTRY FEES:   8U Player Pitch/Machine Pitch: Divisions:  $60.00

                             9U - 12U Divisions:  $125.00 

                           13U - 14U Divisions:  $175.00 

                           16U - 18U Divisions:  $200.00 

UMPIRE FEES: (Pay at the plate.)

                            8U Player Pitch/Machine Pitch Divisions: $20.00

                            9U - 12U Divisions:  $40.00

                          13U - 18U Divisions:  $45.00



Robert Mondoux

Telephone:  (813) 763-5826