Tournament Information

Rules for The T- Bolts 5 Star Showcase Tournament
NEW RULE:  Home team determined by coin flip at beginning of game

·        Games will be 80 min Drop Dead, Finish the Batter

·        Be warmed up ready to start games as soon as previous game finishes

·        Game Balls will be provided by 5 Star Staff

·        You may bat a minimum of 9 batters and up to 15 batters.  Please maintain integrity of the original batting order.

·        You may freely make defensive subs without reporting them, including Pitchers.  You may also freely play players on defense that aren’t in batting lineup.

·        It will be mandatory for you to pinch run for the Catcher that will be catching the next half inning.

·        You may run for your Pitcher with any kid on your roster.

·        Non Pitchers need to run for themselves unless there is an injury situation and you want to protect them.  If you have a kid that has a bad ankle, knee, etc…  you may run for them to maintain their safety.  This weekend is to get the girls exposure and keep them safe.  Please do not abuse pinch running rules to try and win a game that doesn’t really matter.

·        The college coaches aren’t looking for the best bunters in the park.  UNLESS THE BATTER IS A SLAPPER PLEASE NO SAC BUNTING.  LET THE KIDS HIT AND SHOW THE COACHES HOW THEY SWING THE BAT.  We cannot enforce this rule but this is proper etiquette in Showcase Softball.  We don’t mean to insult those of you that understand this but it is amazing how many coaches do this at exposures and rob their kids of at bats with college coaches watching.  If you have a committed kid batting and want to bunt her then bunt away if you would like.



SCORING:  Showcase scoring is all runs for every at bat count but we will not record more than a plus 7 differential.  Example 13-0 will be recorded as 7-0. Showcase Games will not be added to the national ranking system.


Thank you all and look forward to seeing you this weekend.


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