GSA Key West Classic (Father's Day Weekend) 6/14/2019 - 6/16/2019

9U Quick Rules

A.)  A maximum of ten (10) players will be on the field for defense.  If ten (10) are used, four (4) players must take positions in the outfield grass area.  Teams are not permitted to play with three (3) outfielders and position their forth (4th) outfielder as an extra infielder.
B.)  Teams may choose to bat their entire line-up or list nine, ten, eleven…and so on, with the remaining players listed as substitutions.  If a team lists eleven batters in its line-up, the eleventh batter listed will be used as an “extra defensive player” and is free to substitute freely throughout the game on defense.
D.) Batters/runners must be put out or forced out on all dropped or missed third strikes and runners may, at their own risk, seek to advance home on dropped or missed third (3rd) strikes
E.) Runners at third base are NOT permitted to steal home. Runners at third base are ONLY permitted to advance home and score on a drop third strike or a hit. Runners at third base are NOT permitted to advance home on a pick off play or overthrow from the pitcher attempting to pick the runner off.
F.) Bunting is ONLY permitted with runners on first and second base. Batter is NOT permitted to bunt with a runner at third base. If a batter does attempt to bunt with a runner on third base, the runner will be sent back to third base, the player and coach will be issued a warning and the pitch will count as a strike. If that player or a second player attemps to bunt in the same game after the initial warning, that batter will be automatically called out.
G.) Balks will ONLY be called after the pitcher has been given a warning. Each inning, regardless if the same pitcher is on the mound from the previous inning, warnings will be given before enforcing the balk rule. *Umpires will be lenient with calling balks in this division.