Why "Fast Pitch Orlando"?  The Answer is SIMPLE.  We are STILL The Fastest Growing Softball Tournament Company in Florida EVERY year since 2017.  These are the reasons why....
1.  Tournament Design is the Number 1 reason.  The vast majority of the time we offer Gold and Silver Brackets in ALL Divisions.  This allows the stronger teams to compete in the Gold Bracket and the newer teams to compete in the Silver Bracket.  This way ALL teams are playing close competitive games and in the end all getting better.  
2.  Excellent Competition at ALL levels.  Here are some numbers
A.  42% of the teams who played in the 2020 PGF State Championships play in our Tournaments as well.  
B.  44% of the teams who played in the 2020 USSSA State Championships play in our Tournaments as well. 
C.  87.6% of the teams who play in FPO Tournaments also play in PGF, USSSA, NSA, and USFA Tournaments.  
More and More parents are asking WHY pay more money to play other Sanctions and play the SAME teams??
3.  PRICING and RAIN OUT POLICY.  The overwhelming majority of our Tournaments are $95 for the teams to enter the Tournament.  The teams also pay $40 per game for the umpires.  ($95 + $160= $255)  $255 or $295, if a 5th game is played is the cost to the team.  FPO just like PGF, USSSA, and NSA charge gate fees. 
While there is a vast difference in the Tournament Fee structure, there is an even BIGGER difference in the Rain Out Policy.  Playing other Sanctions (PGF, USSSA, NSA, and USFA)  IF you complete TWO games there is not a refund.  With their Tournament fees ranging from $400 - $1500 per Tournament this is a HUGE amount of money to give away. Especially when you factor in how much it rains in Florida.  
Playing FPO we are better for TWO reasons.  First, we prorate our Entry Fee and offer a credit for ANY game NOT played.  Second, you pay the umpires at the plate prior to the game.  Therefore, if the game(s) is/are rained out you do not pay this fee.  With FPO you only pay for games played PERIOD.  
4.  As you know, UMPIRES are a vital part of any Tournament. We have the BEST Umpires in the business.    We use FHSAA and Collegiate Umpires ONLY.  In addition to the training they receive at the Collegiate or FHSAA levels, FPO has a rigorous training and evaluation process that we use on a monthly basis to further increase the skills of our Umpires. 
5.  Are you tired of playing the same teams in the same locations with other Sanctions?  FPO has solved this problem.  WE offer MORE Tournaments in MORE locations than ANY other Sanction in Florida and we are still GROWING.  We offer Tournaments as far SOUTH as North Port and as far NORTH as Ft. White and everywhere in between.   While the 2021 Schedule is not 100% complete, FPO will offer 65 - 80 Tournemants throughout the State of Florida in 2021.
6.  FPO has NEVER cancelled a Tournament due to lack of teams playing.  Not all Sanctions can say the same.  
7.  FPO is a Family Run business and it is evident in the "feel and atmosphere" of our Tournaments.  We call the following items the "little things" but they are really HUGE. 
A.  You will always be able to find the Tournament Director and ask questions or just talk.  We love to talk. 
B.  At many of our Tournaments we provide the concessions.  You will find the food to be GREAT, FRESH and very reasonably priced. 
C.  We allow families to bring coolers to the Tournaments.  Every family situation is different and if they want to bring a cooler we are fine with that.  Our Tournaments are family - oriented and every family is welcome. 
D.  You will find our umpires to be professional but very friendly.  They do have a job to do but they will speak with the girls, parents and coaches. 
E.  You will find our Staff to be friendly and there to assist you in any way possible.
F.  Our goals for every Tournament are; 
  1.  Provide a safe, competitive and fun Tournament for the girls.
  2.  Try to speak with as many players as possible and encourage them in their softball journey.
  3.  Do our best to make sure EVERYONE leaves our Tournaments having had a very positive experience. 
  4.  Recognize girls for outstanding achievements (homeruns, great plays, excellent pitching...)
8.  BY FAR THE BEST TROPHIES IN THE BUSINESS.  Most of the other Sanctions buy their plaques in bulk for better pricing.  Therefore, they all look the same with the exception of the piece of paper they slide in for each Tournament. 
We believe each Tournament should be celebrated as its own Tournament.  Therefore, we create and build our own trophies/medals for every Tournament.  We provide team trophies and individual medals for the first and second place teams in ALL Divisions. Not just any trophies.  These trophies are between 4' and 6' tall.    


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