More Details coming soon, reserving spots for 2022 and 2023 now.
Cooperstown Dreams Park will be $2235 per player (2022 and 2023 seasons).  12 Player Roster:  This covers the players $1295 fee which includes two sets of Cooperstown uniforms, housing, food, entry fee, games and a few additional items provided by Dreams Park (Friday-Thursday).  It also covers all Coaches fees for the same.  It also covers the Umpire fees and transportation fee for hiring and bringing our own umpire for the week.  It also will cover the fee for 36 trading pins and travel shirts for all players and coaches.
2022 we will take one team limited to a 12 man roster.  This team will be mainly rostered with 11U players.
2023, 2024 and beyond we will take two teams, one limited to a 12 man roster with younger to newer players, one will be limited with a 15 man roster and will be a team that can compete at the highest level possible.
The Cooperstown fee will be broken down monthly from the time of registration.  There will be a $275 fee due at time of registration.  Then monthly fees will be automatically drafted and prorated by how many months are left until May 1st the year of the event.
Example 1:  Register August 1st 2020 for June 2022 Cooperstown dates, then pay $275 initial fee and 21 monthly payments of $93.35 per month through May 1st 2022.
Example 2:  Register January 1st 2021 for June 2022 Cooperstown dates, then pay $275 initial fee plus 17 monthly payments $115.30 per month through May 1st 2022.
Dreams Park rosters will be first come first serve for RR players only.  All Dreams Park fees are non-refundable, however they are transferable


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