Top Level Youth Rules


Team Notes:

 - Concessions will be available
- Coolers are not allowed except for the team cooler.  Please respect the rules of the individual parks by not bringing coolers, alcohol, and pets.   Soft Toss against the fence is also NOT allowed.    
- Gate Fee:    $10.00 per day/$15.00 for weekend pass.   Children 14 and under are free.
- Three game guarantee events. 
- Two umpires every game.
- Players are not allowed to play on 2 teams in the same event. Even if it's diffrent age brackets   
-8U will have a 4 run rule per inning including the last inning.
- Teams should have available copies of birth cerficates and proof of team insurance on hand at each event.   If a team does not have proof of birth certificate for the kids age depending Tournament directors approval it could be a forfeit. 
Top Level Youth
Tournament Rules updated Jan 2020
Top Level Youth events follows NFHS rules with modifications.
See modifications below:
13u    -5  
14u-HS BBCOR .50 -3 or wood bat
 no restrictions on 8u-12u as long as bats are not modified or damaged
8 innings (24 outs) per tournament. If a player goes over 3 innings (9 outs) on Saturday he may not return on sunday to pitch.  
13u & Up
9 innings (27 outs) per tournament. If a player goes over 3 innings (9 outs) on Saturday he may not return on sunday to pitch.  
 Pool Play and Bracket play: 
(8u MP) 1 hour and 15minutes.
(9u-12u) 1 hour and 40 minutes time limit  
(13u & Up) 1 hour and 50 minute’s time limit
(Texas Tie breaker will be used if time limit is up only on Sundays. Saturday games will end in a tie.)
Texas Tie breaker:  In the event of a tie in Bracket play or the Championship game and regulation time has expired, a Texas tie breaker will be used. The inning will begin with one out and the last batted out on 2nd base. This will be used until a winner is determined.
Championship Game:
2 hours (9u-12u)
2 hours & 15 (13U & Up)
8u- $15 for each team
9u & UP- 50 for each team
Umpire fees should be paid at the plate meeting before the game starts.  Failure to pay umpire fee will result in a forfeit by the non-paying team. 
If you have any issues with umpire fees and are charged the wrong amount, please see the site director immediately.
Games shall be declared complete games and ended upon fulfillment of any of the following mercy rule criteria. Mercy Rules do not apply when a run rule is in place.
 12 runs after 3 innings (losing team must have had 3 at bats)
  8 runs after 4 innings (losing team must have had 4 at bats)  
A. The first tie breaker if only 2 teams are tied will be head to head.  If three or more teams are tied, the following tie breakers apply in the following order,  teams will advance to the next tie breaker rule until the tie is broken.
 B.Tie breakers
       1.Win-Loss Record *
       2.Fewest Runs Allowed (actual runs)
       3.Run Diffrential 
       4.Runs score
       5. Coin Flip
   *Note: This calculation is determined by taking total runs scored minus total runs allowed. The maximum run differential per game is +8 or –8.  Our system auto defaults to an 8 run differential:  example if you win 17 to 2 the score will reflect  10-2. 
Extra Hitters (EH) are allowed in Top Level Youth Events. Consequently, a team may choose to bat 10 or 11 hitters, but if you bat 12 or more hitters you may not have a sub. Further, if a team chooses to bat their entire lineup, they may then utilize free defensive substitutions.
In the event of a forfeit, the forfeit will be recorded at an 8-0 score.
A team may start a game with 8 players and take an out for the 9th player until a player is available at which time the 9th player may enter the game.
Designated Hitter-
Top Level Youth allows a DH in all age divisions (except MP) as per high school rules.
Teams may utilize courtesy runners for the catcher or pitcher. Courtesy runners must first come from the pool of eligible substitutes in the dugout. If a team has no eligible substitutes, the player who was the last recorded out shall become the courtesy runner. 
 It is not necessary for the same substitute player to courtesy run for the pitcher or catcher each time a courtesy runner is utilized.
Election of  Home Team
During pool play the home team will be predetermined.  Dugouts are on a first come, first serve basis.
During Bracket play, The higher seed has the election of being home team including the championship game.
Metal cleats are NOT allowed for the 8u-12u divisions.    Molded Cleats or Turf shoes must be worn by all divisions. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure the players have the proper footwear at complexes with turf.  
In 8u and 9u, balks will not be called.
A player or coach who is bleeding or who has an open wound shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment has been administered. If medical care or treatment can be administered in a reasonable amount of time, the individual would not have to leave the game. The length of time that is considered reasonable is according to the umpire’s judgment. The reentry rule would not apply to players in case of a bleeding injury. If there is an excessive amount of blood on the uniform, it must be changed before that individual may participate.
In the event the tournament, or any part of it, is canceled due to rain, fees paid for the tournament shall be treated as follows:
 1.     If team finishes 2 full games, no refunds or credits shall be issued.
2.     If team finishes 1 full game, team shall be issued a credit to the next Top Level Youth event they choose to attend. They must provide the email that was sent showing credit.
3.     If event is completely rained out, tournament fee shall be refunded.
**We will do all we can to get games in on a weekend but are at the mercy of the parks departments on use of fields during weather,  updates will be posted on the event website as soon as they are available. 
Pool play:
If a game is suspended prior to being official and there is not enough time to resume – the game would be considered complete at the end of the last complete inning.  If tied at the end of the last complete inning – the game would stand as a tie.   If a game is not played, due to weather, the score will be recorded as a 1-1 tie.
Elimination games:
 A) If one inning hasn’t been completed and the game is suspended and there is not enough time to resume - the higher seed would advance to the next round.
B) If tied at the end of the last complete inning – the higher seed would advance
C) If tied at the end of the last complete inning and the two teams are the same seed from different divisions entering the game – we would revert back to the tie-breaking system in place
D) If the championship game starts and is not able to complete due to weather/darkness and there is no time to resume – the game would be considered official at the end of the last complete inning.
E) If tied at the end of the last complete inning – both teams will be named co-champions.
 Player cannot turn 10 before May 1st,
The following calender year 
10U:  Player cannot turn 11 before May 1st, 
The following calender year 
11U:  Player cannot turn 12 before May 1st, 
The following calender year 
12U:  Player cannot turn 13 before May 1st,The following calender year 
13U:  Player cannot turn 14 before May 1st, 
The following calender year 
14U:  Player cannot turn 15 before May 1st, 
The following calender year 
Each team will be allowed 1 team cooler, brought in by a coach that may contain bottled water, ice packs, wrap, etc. Please do not bring other drinks or food to the facilities.
Top Level Youth Machine Pitch Specific Rules –
8.07.A Fair Ball Arc: There shall be a twenty (20) foot arc drawn from first (1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. A batted ball must go past this line to be a fair ball.
8.07.B Pitching Machine: The front leg(s) shall be set at a distance of forty-two (42) feet from the rear point of home plate.
8.07.C Recommeded machine speeds for electric machines:
8.07.D 39 M.P.H. – 42 M.P.H. for the 8U age division.
8.07.E  When using the Blue Flame manual machine, it should remain at a setting of 9 at all times.
8.07.F Ten (10) defensive players shall play in the field with four (4) outfielders. The fourth (4th) outfielder shall not
assume an infield position. All outfielders shall stay behind the baselines.
8.07.G The defensive player listed as pitcher shall not leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit.
position for the remainder of the game.
8.07.H Defensive coaches shall not allowed on the field of play and shall coach from the dugout.
8.07.I The Infield Fly Rule shall not be in effect at any time.
8.07.J The batting order shall constitute all present players on the team roster at the beginning of the game. Late arrivals shall be inserted at the bottom of the batting order. All players on the roster shall bat before returning to the top of the batting order.
8.07.K Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. The ninth (9th) position in the batting order will be declared an out each turn at bat.  There is no penalty for not having a 10th player.
Rule 8.07.L Approved Ruling: A ninth (9th) & tenth (10th) player and all subsequent players may
be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.
8.07.M Teams may use free substitution on defense but the batting order shall remain the same.
8.07.N Teams may bunt a maximum of two (2) times per inning.
8.07.O Fake bunts shall be prohibited. A batter that “shows” bunt is committed to an attempt to bunt or take the pitch.
Rule 8.07.P: A batter who swings after “showing” bunt shall be called out and no runners
may advance.
8.07.Q The batter shall receive a maximum of six (6) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes.
Rule 8.07.Q Comment: After 6 pitchers, the batter has the oppurtunity to foul off every pitch until it's either fair or he has struck out. 
8.07.R A player may only be Intentionally Walked once per game by announcement from the defensive team.
8.07.S Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. A runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is hit or reaches homeplate.
8.07.T A courtesy runner for catcher of record only the previous inning may be used. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the previous out. If no outs have been recorded in the game, the courtesy runner shall be the
previous batter not on base.
8.07.U A team may score a maximum of Four (4) runs per inning, including the last inning or record three (3) outs.
8.07.V Umpires shall call “Time” after every play and declare the ball dead. “Time” shall be called as soon as the lead
runner is not attempting to advance. “Time” does not have to be called by the defense for the purpose of this rule.
8.07.X When a batted ball hits the pitching machine, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first (1st) base and all runners shall advance one (1) base.
9u Rules:
1.  9U is a closed based division. 
2. A batter may not run on dropped 3rd strike, the batter will be automatically out on a dropped 3rd strike.
4.  A batter may run home on a passed ball.
5.  There are no lead offs, a batter may not steal until the ball crosses the plate.


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