updated: 5/29/2021 at 9:14 PM (ET)

8:20pm Update: lightning meter still under 2 miles. We have decided the games in progress when the rain hit are considered completed games ending them where they were. Not ideal but most coaches have no interest in moving those games to 8am since they are just seeding pool games. We will start Sunday morning as scheduled.

updated: 5/29/2021 at 8:52 PM (ET)

We are waiting another 30 mins before making a decision on playing tonight versus coming back at 8:00am.. We will update at 8:20pm

updated: 5/29/2021 at 8:27 PM (ET)

Lightning delay: Head coaches of the games in progress come by office.

updated: 5/29/2021 at 8:17 PM (ET)

Weather note: Games in 14u are complete after 3-innings in the 5-Inning format.


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