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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Mia Apple Tennessee Elite Outfield2021
Brianna Lawson PA Chaos 16u National Tomasetti Short Stop2022
Taelor Chang Fury 2022 Third Base2022
Megan Konermann Indiana Fusion Elite 18U Pinkston First Base2021
Callie Bua Tampa Mustangs-Neptune First Base2021
Caiti Gallaher Fury 2022 Catcher2022
Shana Gugliandolo Batbusters - Kresley Third Base2022
Ava Ramirez Tampa Mustangs-Neptune Third Base2021
Sydney Mccray Tampa Mustangs-Neptune Short Stop2022
Alexis Milanowski Georgia Impact Premier - Jeffreys/P. Lewis Catcher2022
Kyye Ricks EC Bullets Mayfield Outfield2022
Brittany Slaten Alabama Batbusters 04 Dismuke/Ellis Pitcher2022
Rachel Lee Georgia Elite - Branch Pitcher2022
Delaney Robeson Turnin2 - Robeson / Long Third Base2021
Amari Brown Georgia Impact Premier - Jeffreys/P. Lewis Third Base2022
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BIRMTHN3 2019 F F N 4 0
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