1. ASA Rules govern Pool and Bracket Play:  With specific rule exceptions noted in Pool play below, all other ASA rules apply.  Decisions on the field are final.
  2. GAME BALLS:  Legacy will provide two game balls at the start of the day for each field.  Every game after that, the Umpire will provide one new ball and one used ball.  Teams will be expected to provide game balls following the loss of the two provided.
  4. NO PROTEST ALLOWED:  UIC provided at each park.
  5. HOME TEAM:  The “Home Team” will be determined by a coin toss at Home Plate prior to the game.
  6. POOL PLAY (Thursday & Friday)
    1. Pool games are non-seeding games.
    2. Free defensive substitution and no line-up cards.
    3. Time limit: 1:30 minute game times, FINISH THE BATTER.
    4. Run Rule does not apply in pool play.  Regardless of the final score, we will only post a victory margin of 7 or less runs.
    5. In the event the round is called due to weather, the score reverts to the last completed inning.  There will be no make-up games.
  7. BRACKET PLAY: (Friday evening & Saturday morning)
    1. Brackets will be done by Blind draw at team check-in
    2. ASA rules govern bracket play.  Decisions on the field are final.
    3. Time Limit:  1:30 minute game times.  (no new inning after 1:30 minutes)
    4. Run Rule is 8 after 5, 10 after 4.
    5. In the event of a tie at the end of last completed inning, games will go into ITB.          
    6. IN THE EVENT OF WEATHER:  The UIC/Tournament director will determine when the games will re-start and reserve the right to change future game times to accommodate championship play.
    7. An official game is defined as 4 completed innings.
  8. INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the event of inclement weather or lightning delay, we are required to follow Seminole County guidelines.  Lightning delays will be called when lightning is detected 10 miles out. We will go into a 10-minute delay increments until weather has cleared.  If there is reasonable time left to play in the game once cleared, teams may take the field to complete the round.  Legacy staff reserves the right to shorten game times or cancel rounds in pool play to maintain the event schedule.


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