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Birmingham Thunderbolts 5 Star Fall Exposure
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Gate Fees are $10 per day.
I will be using Twitter and the Sinc Sports Apps for important immediate announcements. Anyone following your team can use these. Twitter is @tbolts5star.  Emails are used last becasue they are very slow. Please enter my number in your phone becasue if I call you it is about a game.  Norman Veamoi 770.845.8440.
Director Reserves the right to make changes subjectively and without notice as needed to execute the tournament.

Coaches should check their online profiles to make sure they can receive texts and emails so they are notified of changes as they occur.  The public can follow their team online using the sinc sport app to recieve notifications.
The online schedule is the only official schedule.

Text Scores to ~7708458440~ Park/Day//time/field/winning team/score  example FP SAT 3:30 F3 Wombats 6-5
Summer T-Bolts 5-Star Exposure Showcase Registration is now open:
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