• Want to Own a Region? We will provide 100% assistance
      We will provide all of the leg work.  We will set up your Region Webpage.  We will set up all of your region events on your webpage. We will provide marketing and email list for your region and state.  We will train you on the full usage of the site.  You will have 24/7 access to staff for support.  We will provide all scheduling and advertising until you are comfortable with the process.  We will provide umpire staffing, contacts and insurance.  If needed, we will provide onsite directors for your first few events for onsite operations training.
      Your responsibility would be to offer our product with emphasis on below:
      A. Assuring that all customers have the best experience possible. 
      B. To insure a customer friendly atmosphere.
      C. To provide player friendly formats.
      D. Staff events with friendly and helpful people (Team Moms are awesome).
      E. To provide a safety first environment.
      F.  To manage events or provide qualified management.
      G. To provide and maintain a working relationship with municipalities.
    • Who can own a Franchise? Details of Ownership and Fees
      Who can own a franchise?  Any current event company, clubs, coach, municipality, or baseball enthusiast that has access to facilities within their region
      Can more than one entity own a franchise?  Yes.  Partners are accepted.
      Can I own more than one franchise? Yes.  With corporate approval.
      Owners must be able to pass an in house back ground check and be in good standing within their community.
      The only requirement for franchise owners is to host one region event per year.  Franchise owners can host as many events as they like for their region.  Region qualifying events to win free entries for region events is okay.  However all teams within a region have the right to play for the region championship with out playing in a qualifying event.
      Two Options for ownership
      Option 1:  No Charge.  If owner ever elects to sale their franchise then franchiser will split the sale 50/50. Owner will pay $46 per team for all events to franchiser.  Franchiser will own and control the region domain.  Franchisor has first right of refusal to match any offers for purchase and must approve new owners.
      Option 2:  $25,000 financed with 15% down at 3.2% for seven years.  Owner has 100% rights to their franchise.  Franchiser has the first right of refusal to match any offer the owner receives if owner elects to sale their franchise. Owners will pay franchiser a fee of $24 per team for all events.  Owners will control their domain.
      Franchiser will help owners set up their regions website, train and assist on its use, advertise their events and prepare economic reports for the events. 
      Owners can charge $0 to $495 for entry fees.  Gates and umpire fees at the discretion of owners.  Region tournaments can not be more than $495 entry fee  (inclusive of umpire).
      Franchisor will get 50% of all economic impact, housing rebates and tourist development money awarded for a region.
      Owners will be protected for non region events on the borders of a region on a first come first case basis.  A hundred mile protection zone will be used for those events.
      Borders will be established by county lines to be determined for each region.
      Franchise contracts will be prepared by Franchiser.
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