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Fun and Exciting!!!
a. Teams that participate in stats and profiles must be registered with iscore (register above).
b.  In order for a game to be tracked for stats and profiles, the home team and visiting team must have an iscore keeper for that game.  If your team uses this app and the opposing team does not, then we recommend you introduce and help some one with the opposing team get set up and participate.  In order for stats to be calculated, any discrepencies for scoring a playing must be solved during the game (you will be able to identify any iscrepencies through iscore).  We will be tracking batting averages, singles, doubles, triples, home runs, ERA's, team records and more.  The Top Twenty for all groups will be posted here and updated weekly beginning with the 2020 Spring Season
c.  Season All Stars will be selected based on statistics.  All Star awards will include Slugger Awards, CY Youngs, Oustanding Play, etc.. and a USA World All Star Tournament Invitation. 


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