• How To Earn a Berth to USA World Championships
      Region Championships are held once per season for all regions.  They can be held any time from September 1st to May 15th of the corresponding season.  Regions are divided up by counties for all states.  See Current owners and Regions in the top menu bar for your region divisions.
      Only one team per age group for the Region can attend the USA World Championships.  Age Groups are 8UMP, 8UKP,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,16U and 18U
      If a region has not established a region event, then the region owner can designate an at large team for that region or hold a tryout and invite teams from the region to tryout for the World Chamionship team (at large rosters can consist of 20 players from that region).  If only one team signs up for the region championship, that team earns the berth.  If two or more teams sign up for a region event (the event tournament will be played), only the winner gets the berth.  Winning teams can roster up to 20 players for the World Championships, but only from players that played in the region event.
      Region Winners get a free berth to World Championships (includes entry fee, umpires, souvenir balls, tournament packets, discount coupons, vendor packets, participant souvenir, etc..)  Spectators will be charged a gate fee: Daily pass or discounted week long pass.  Four Coaches and all players do not pay a gate fee.  Teams must stay in one of our designated Resorts or Hotels (All housing will be discounted from normal prices).
      Region Tournament Formats. TBD -- Blind Draw - Junior Olympics Style: 2 pool, one seeded game from pool 1vs2, 3vs4,  ..... 13vs14, 15vs16, Then seed (all games count) to overall standings for single elimination.
      World Championship Formats. -- Blind Draw-- Junior Olympics Style: 3 pool, two seeded games from pool 1vs2, 3vs4,  ..... 29vs30, 31vs32, Then final seed (all games count) for overall standings into double elimination.
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